Choosing a Right Van Model For a Trip: What to Know?


The car is an indispensable element for every family. Thanks to the car, a person has many opportunities: trips to work, study, travel, and much more. However, if the family is large, it is necessary to vibrate a large car – a van.

When visiting Seattle, you’ll feel right at home in a van, which offers quality accommodation and great service. Seattle is one of the most tourist centers in America and a metropolis that offers many activities. This is a large city, that is why it is difficult to travel by public transport. People usually choose among 12-passenger van rentals in Seattle when they plan their family trip. For this reason, we suggest you get acquainted with the most suitable models of vans which will be suitable for acquaintance with the given city.

Nissan NV200

Nissan is the most suitable brand for the car because it offers the most comfortable way of movement. It is this brand of white car rebranded from 2015 to 2022 but remains unchanged that in this brand – huge trunk. It’s very convenient if you want to go to Seattle and bring a bike. Van is also a great opportunity to travel with people who have problems with mobility and are forced to ride in wheelchairs. Many Nissan NV200 has built-in special tracks so that you can easily drive into the car in a wheelchair.

Passengers won’t have to worry about whether they will all fit in the van or not. For long-distance travel, 12-seater car rentals are the most common for hire. This car also has good suspension and high passability, so it can be used for city driving in Seattle and beyond.

KIA Sedona

KIA Sedona is a type of van that is not only practical for long-distance travel, but also for entertainment. Its design is unusual due to its shape and beautiful interior. This car has a lot of spacious space, namely – it’s a van for 12 people. 

This model offers many nice bonuses, which are like comfort for passengers and the driver: 

  • air conditioning;
  • coasters;
  • mini-fridge;
  • seat adjustment and much more. 

This car can be universal and is designed for family and friends with whom you can go on a picnic. 

The car has a large windshield, which opens a wonderful view of the road. Also, riding in this car is suitable for places with low terrains, such as deserts, swamps, etc. For KIA Sedona, this is not a problem, as this is a 4×4 car. It is not afraid of bad weather conditions, such as strong winds, storms, snow, or heat. Feel free to rent this car and come to Seattle with your family and friends.

Dodge Grand Caravan

This car model is also quite important among the best vans for your family trip to Seattle. It is ideal because here you can feel complete comfort in your body. For this type of trip, you should use a car rental with 12 seats, which has Dodge Grand Caravan. This is a very practical car because it has a high passability due to its high suspension and reinforcement. Its interior is lined with leather, in connection with which stains from food and beverages can be easily removed even with a damp cloth. Another advantage is that, despite its size, it is economical. 

Next, it has additional chips. These include, for example, a Bluetooth connection for listening to your music or hand-free phone calls. You can also adjust the comfortable temperature for movement depending on the time of year. You will be able to get acquainted in more detail with pleasant counters on the website on the detailed review of this model. 

In Consequence…

Traveling with the family is always interesting. However, when traveling to a city as large as Seattle, you will need to rent a van. In this article, we have demonstrated the most suitable and practical models of vans for your trip. All of them are unique and offer interesting bonuses for passengers and the driver, in connection with which the trip will be exciting.