Dewpix com April 2022 Reviews


This article will assist you to verify the authenticity of Dewpix Reviews Furniture-selling e-commerce website.

Are you looking for some new furniture for your home? Check out this article, that will assist you to understand Dewpix the web site.

The most important thing in the home is its furniture. Furniture is available on many online stores. However, buying furniture online is a risk due to the many fraudulent websites that target unwitting buyers. The people of the United States nowadays have many online buying choices.

If you are looking to purchase furniture on the internet, we suggest going through the Dewpix reviews first.

What’s Dewpix Com?

On the site, is known as Wayfair. It’s an online store which sells dining sets, furniture set, sets for conversation bistro sets, as well as other household items.

On their site, they have various products. Their website claim to provide attractive and long-lasting products. Additionally, they claim that they offer quick delivery and excellent customer service all day all week.

Additionally, they claim that they give substantial discounts on their products. They also claim to surpass your expectations when it comes to fashion.

We recommend you read the Is Legit first, if you’re curious.

What are the Dewpix Com Specifications?

  • Domain Age It’s only been a few months.
  • Website URL-
  • E-mail address
  • Contact numberis not available
  • Exchange Policy No Information available
  • Shipping costs and transportation are free
  • Transport time: seven to fifteen working days
  • Policy on Returns – 14 working days
  • Refund policy- Once we received the return request and processing it within a couple of days.
  • Social media icons It’s there!
  • Payment methods include VISA, Mastercard, American Express and PayPal.
  • Company address : 801 West Linden Ave, Linden, NJ 07036
  • Read Dewpix Reviews to know more about its drawbacks and benefits.

What’s the advantages of buying through

  • They have a large selection of home-design items available to purchase via their web site.
  • Their websites offer social media hyperlinks.
  • The site is protected by HTTPS.
  • On their website, they offer massive discounts.

What’s the negatives when purchasing through

  • A number of fraudulent websites make use of the user interface on this site.
  • The site does not contain any information about the owners.
  • A variety of countries are connected to the name of domain.
  • The social media links aren’t working.

Is Dewpix com Legit?

There are many online frauds. This is why it is imperative to be aware of any scams on the internet. Before buying anything online there are some things to take into consideration.

The objective standards set forth below will assist you in resolving your problem.

  • Domain Age- The store for domains is valid since the day of July 23rd 2021.
  • Date of Domain Expiration: It is valid until July 23, 2023.
  • Social Media Connections – There are Links for Facebook, Instagram, YouTube as well as many other social networks.
  • Quality of Content- Many fake websites make use of the same content that is available on the site.
  • Owner’s details- There’s no information on the owner of the website.
  • Customer Reviews- Dewpix reviews by customers can be found on the site.
  • Policies: This website’s policy is an homage to those of websites. They can be fake sites.
  • Trust Rank: The website has a one percent trust score. This is a bit unpleasant.
  • Index Score: The e-portal has a trust score of 47.3 out 100.
  • Alexa RankAlexa Rank – This website boasts the Alexa rank of 0. This means that the website is not the most frequented.
  • Discounts that are not real-time. They are giving huge discounts. Any reputable company cannot be able to afford this.
  • Address Originality- While the address is given but the map doesn’t reflect the exact location.

Review by the customer Reviews

We found a variety of consumer reviews on the site as per our research results. The reviews are all very positive and they appear to be altered. We also conduct research on other platforms. We couldn’t find any reviews on them as well. Reviews from customers are an important aspect to take into account when looking at a website.

Click here for more information on about how you can request an PayPal return.

Last Thoughts

The website offers dining sets, furniture set, chat sets bistro sets, and other furniture-related products that you can use in your own home. However, the numerous warnings on this site suggest it’s a fraud. Many scam websites use similar interfaces. Therefore, we cannot make comments on this site. Check out Dewpix Reviews.

If you’d want to request the refund of your credit or debit card , go to the Refund website.

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