Do You Know If It Is Legit Site? Softmoc Reviews {June}


This article is on Softmoc Reviews is intended to inform readers about the product that is offered here. In addition we have verified the legitimacy of the site.

Are you looking to purchase shoes? Are you ready to purchase it at Softmoc? Softmoc is an online marketplace for e-commerce that primarily concentrates on the delivery of footwear throughout Canada and the United States. With the increasing popularity of Softmoc lots of people would like to learn more about the site.

This article on Softmoc Reviews is going to aid readers in understanding about the authenticity of the company, its delivery and return policies of Softmoc. Make sure to follow this guideline fully.

Table of Contents

  • A brief overview of Softmoc Shop
  • Specifications of Softmoc
  • Positive Highlights
  • Negative Highlights
  • Is Softmoc legit?
  • Softmoc Reviews
  • Conclusion:

Introduction to Softmoc Shop

Softmoc can be described as an online marketplace for e-commerce that sells shoes. The site is believed to carry a wide range of footwear items. With reasonable pricing and a wide selection of footwear, the site has a variety both for females and males. The site offers a good quantity of options in the field of footwear:

  • Crocs
  • Summer Slides
  • Sports Shoe
  • Cool sneakers
  • Spring Chelsea boots
  • White sneakers in pristine condition

With all the latest trends in products, people would like to know Are Softmoc Legit? This retailer provides customers with an array of necessary shoes. The main concern is the website legitimate? Do they offer discounts to their customers?

The credibility of the site lets the user decide if they want to purchase or not? Before you can verify its authenticity, let’s first learn about the capabilities of Softmoc.

Specifications of Softmoc

  • Buy the stylish shoes, sneakers and cross from the
  • Email address:
  • Phone: 1-877-763-8662
  • Contact: SoftMoc Inc. 1400 Hopkins Street Whitby, ON 2C3 LIN
  • The user doesn’t appear to be very satisfied with the platform, because of the mixed reviews found in the Softmoc Review section.
  • Return Policy: Purchases that is eligible for free shipping may return to site.
  • Shipping cost: $3.99 for orders below $34.99
  • Delivery Policy: No delivery charge on any order over $34.99 and is delivered within the next 1-4 days
  • Payment options: PayPal, credit card and bank transfer.

Positive Highlights

  • There are Email addresses and telephone numbers that can be reached via the website.
  • Delivery is free, which means this platform is less expensive.
  • Https safeguards customers’ information and facilitates the transmission of information.
  • Diverse customer reviews are posted all over the online platform as well as the official website.

Negative Highlights

  • While accounts on social media of the site were discovered, it’s not a lot of information.

Is Softmoc legit?

After having learned about the capabilities of Softmoc one of the most important questions is is this website legitimate? To determine this, we attempted to determine the legitimacy of the website using several parameters. They include:

  • Date of registration:The website was registered on June 3rd 1997. This means that the website is very old and is expected to last over 24 years . Therefore, it is a reliable source.
  • Real Index:When we checked the trust score of and discovered that the site has a an acceptable trust score of 71%..
  • Registerer: This 24-year-old website was registered by Network Solutions, LLC.
  • Reviews from customers:If it comes to reviews on Softmoc Review ,it shows some mixed opinions from users, who say to the fact that reviews from customers are pretty authentic.
  • Social MediaThe web site is listed on all social media platforms and had the most amount of interaction which indicates the popularity of the forum.
  • Data security:The website is protected with HTTPS so you can be sure of secure and efficient data transfer.
  • Incorrect information:The website has a number of items mentioned. The only thing absent is the identity of the owner of this platform.
  • Policies:The users are requested to read their entire policy on return and delivery prior to placing an order.

Softmoc Reviews

The site has all the required information to contact them, including contact number, email address and postal address. We checked the customer reviews, we found mixed reviews, which indicates an authentic review. The presence on social media platforms with high engagement shows the popularity of this site however, it does not provide much details. But, it was determined that the site is legitimate.

Additionally, the site is highly reviewed by review websites.


In this article in the blog Softmoc Review, we found that the website’s life expectancy of 24 years or more which makes it appear legitimate. It also has a rating of trust, which is 71 percent. After comparing the website’s performance to the criteria above We found that the website is genuine.