Find Here Why Doesn’t Your VPN Change The Location?


VPN Change my location If you’re a VPN user, you’re probably familiar with VPNs and their apps. They completely conceal your IP address, to protect your privacy and security when connected to open WiFi.

The masking of the IP address provide an extra layer of protection for your network connection however, this also changes the location that the person is. This allows users to access geo-restricted content since the server doesn’t be aware of where you connect from.

There are situations in which VPNs VPN won’t alter your location. In this case, you may be wondering that my location is not changing after being connected to a VPN. This article we’ll examine the drawbacks of VPN and find out why it’s not changing the location.

How does VPN work?

VPN operates by encrypting every information that flows over its network. The encryption process alters the IP address from which data the data transmitted over the internet. This makes encrypted data packets look like they came from an IP address that is different.

When you connect to the VPN company, they assign you an additional IP address which is owned by them. The new IP address could be any of their servers that are located all over the globe.

Changes in the IP address also causes a change in where the connections are located as an IP address is also where the person is. This is the reason that when you sign up for the VPN it allows you to access content that is geo-restricted, such as Netflix, Facebook, etc.

Why isn’t It Moving My Location After?

Masking IP addresses can affect your location, but when you check your current location following connecting to the VPN on Google Maps, you will not notice any change. This could cause you to think that your VPN isn’t working properly.

There is a different reason for this. When you surf the internet your location is determined by the IP address that is that is assigned for your connection. In the instance of Google Maps, your location is determined by the GPS sensor that is on your smartphone.

On modern phones, GPS-based positioning can be integrated with cell towers, as well as the inbuilt IMU module that is built into the phone. This means that even if you connect to the VPN network, the position on maps will remain exactly the same.

Is it a Negative Sign?

You might be thinking whether the VPN cannot alter your current location. Is it a sign of trouble? Are I in trouble? The answer isn’t. Most the activities you do online are IP address-based locations.

If there’s a sophisticated connection that makes use of algorithms that use AI to verify the location of the user using GPS and ensure your safety by using VPN. If you’re keen on changing your location, you can use an VPN with GPS built-in fakery, which is uncommon.

What happens if You use a VPN Service that Doesn’t Change Your Locality?

If you choose to use an VPN which doesn’t alter the location of your computer, you’ll be able to access restricted geo-restricted websites like Netflix and Hulu. However, if you’d like to perform something different when browsing the internet then you’ll need to utilize the proxy server instead.

Proxy servers act as intermediaries between your computer and the sites you browse. They redirect your web traffic to various locations according to your request.

The use of a proxy server permits users to browse the web without being traced. The disadvantage is that you are not able to access geo-restricted content until you locate a reliable proxy server. Certain of these proxy servers are free, while others charge a fee to use their services.

The Final Words

A VPN utilizes the IP masking technique to disguise your location, and make appear like you’re in another place. Most of the time this method is effective and you’ll not be able to find anything amiss.

But, be aware that your actual location is in place, and you are unable to alter it by means of the help of a VPN since it’s being determined from satellites by your phone’s built-in GNSS sensors in the phone.

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