How did coloring pages by numbers appear?


In modern times, one often hears one well-known expression: “There is no limit to perfection.” As we can see, in all spheres of creativity, and indeed in all human activity, some novelties, know-how, inventions, original ideas constantly appear. Today we are pleased to offer you a ready-made idea for an interesting pastime – to draw paiting by numbers. Coloring pages by numbers appeared relatively recently, but it did not happen yesterday or a month, or even a year ago. We have known about coloring books for a long time, it’s just that they have recently gained such popularity as now. Many of the customers of our store call the coloring sets by numbers an improved version of children’s coloring books. These are very similar processes, only the first one requires more attention, time and has no age restrictions.

So, let’s dive into the stories a little and try to figure out when we first heard about coloring books by numbers. As history shows, for the first time this kind of creativity became known back in 1950. The first coloring pages by numbers appeared in America. The very name “coloring by numbers” originated and is translated from English. The most famous by that time was the Palmer company, it was famous for huge sales of colorings by numbers and their high quality. Already in 1954, this American company sold more than 12 million paintings by numbers. Naturally, this kind of creativity slowly began to move around the world. Today’s market of colorings by numbers in Kiev offers its customers paintings from America, England, Germany, etc.

Our company cooperates with clients all over Ukraine. We try to meet the needs of each of our clients, so we offer the best conditions for cooperation. Each order is processed individually, we carefully listen to the opinions and wishes of our customers, if any. Coloring by numbers is a unique decoration in any room of your house or apartment. We can offer to decorate your living room with paintings by numbers depicting nature, still lifes, beautiful places of the city of Kiev, etc. Among our assortment you will even find coloring pages by numbers that can be placed in the nursery. We offer funny coloring pages by numbers with images of cartoon characters, photos of small children, etc. Coloring by numbers is a great solution for those who spend a lot of time at home. Spend time with benefit for yourself and your soul, or please your loved ones with a gift! Coloring pages by numbers at the best prices on our website!