Take advantage of the Valley of the Sun’s ideal fall weather now that the monsoon season is over and, ideally, the year’s high temperatures of 100 degrees or more. Phoenix’s fall season is ideal for entertaining outside and growing new plants in your yard. This favourable time of year will last until at least November, when temperatures may start to fall and plant development may stall.

An Objective Assessment

The aesthetic attractiveness of your landscape is maintained by a range of colours and textures. If your plants seem monotonous, think about adding some bright accents for autumn. Read more for Melbourne residential landscaping.

Evaluation of what you already have, what you want to remove, and where you would like to see some extension of your plant palette are the first steps in freshening up your yard with new plants. Anything that is dead or seriously damaged as a result of the summer’s harsh heat or the monsoon season’s violent winds will obviously need to be removed. You will have a clearer idea of the area you need to fill if you remove these plants first.

Drawing the area with labels for the other plants might be useful if you’re unsure of what to put in the new, bare spot. When researching your alternatives online or at your local nursery, have this design handy. If at all possible, take note of the colours and blooming season of the current plants so that you may extend the blooming season and design the area with similar colours. For your new plants to flourish all year long, pay particular attention to how much light the area receives throughout the summer.

Other Things To Think About

Removing huge shade trees may significantly stress the plants in that region of your yard and altogether eradicate a microclimate.

Consider carefully how much shade other plants received if a huge tree or plant was removed from your yard. The success of all the plants that were previously shadowed may be impacted by the removal of a giant shade tree. They are now abruptly living in a much hotter environment. On the other hand, if you decide to plant a tree in an area that receives direct sunlight, the plants that will now live in the shadow may respond negatively. With a fast web search, you may get additional information about the requirements of your plants.

Shaping and Trimming

Trim your plants in the early autumn, before the cold weather sets in, if you want to keep them in more formal forms throughout the winter.

Early autumn is also a great time to finish off any last shaping and trimming before the winter weather sets in. It is possible to cut off long, lanky branches and overgrowth without needlessly straining the plants. But be cautious not to prune the outside growth too much. The soon-to-arrive cold weather might harm the plants’ freshly exposed centre region. Don’t succumb to the need to hastily cut off frost damage once cold weather hits. Leave the dead material in place so that it may serve as insulation and protection for the plant’s intact parts.


Schedules for summer watering should continue until the daytime high temperatures are less than 100 degrees and the evenings are much cooler. Instead of lowering the run duration for each zone, decrease the number of days that the irrigation is active. This will promote deeper root development and give deeper, more substantial irrigation on a less regular basis.

Raised planters and pots are the ideal method to add colour to your outdoor living area that is simple to maintain and has a big effect.

The Brisk Landscaping crew is here to help you if autumn landscaping jobs are not how you want to spend your weekends in the next months. Our qualified designers have years of expertise assessing current landscapes, choosing what has to be eliminated, and coming up with a strategy to modernise and revitalise your plants. To arrange a free first consultation for autumn landscaping work, call or click here. Additionally, with the holidays quickly approaching, consider putting in a new fire pit, fireplace, or outdoor kitchen. Your patio will be transformed into an outdoor living area that you may use for many years to come with the help of these useful and entertaining upgrades.