Iffashion Store July 2022 Reviews Is This Platform Legit?


Do the prices on clothes listed on this site astonish you? Do you think it’s a legitimate website worth the money? Go through reviews on the Iffashion Store reviews and discover.

Have you added a number of products into your basket on iffashionstore.com? The site has huge discounts on certain items and prices that appear too appealing to be real.

The majority of the time, these are indications of a fraudulent shopping site. We aren’t declaring anything regarding iffashionstore.com. This is a thorough and thorough article that will assist you in analyzing the India-based online shopping site and decide if you’d like to shop online on it or not.

We will also take a look at Iffashion Review of the Store , so continue reading!

What’s iffashionstore.com?

Iffashionstore.com can be described as an online store that deals in women’s clothing and accessories. The brand aims to empower women and assist them in finding their confidence.

It’s an edgy modern, inclusive, and stylish brand that offers a single-stop shop to find unique fashions for the millennial generation. Their clothes and other merchandise are influenced by the global runways as well as street style, pop culture and social media and all combined into one.

There are tops as well as blouses, bags dresses, loungewear bottom wear, sweaters as well as dresses, outerwear bags, and so on.

Does this provide the answer to the most crucial question: Is Iffashion Store a legitimate business? Keep reading to discover the truth.

You can browse through the entire selection on this site and get all information about the products in the description boxes.

Descriptions of iffashionstore.com

Below are all contact information and customer policies of iffashionstore.com:

  • URL: https://iffashionstore.com/
  • Domain age: Registered as owned by its owners July 1st, 2022. The domain age is just 9 days.
  • Categories: Women’s latest clothing and accessories
  • Contact number: The contact number listed on the website is +91123456789 (for all inquiries regarding customer service).
  • Email address: help.iffashionstore@gmail.com
  • Address of the company Address: In the Review of Iffashion Store review, we will inform you that the address for iffashionstore.com is 338 Sarthi Complex, Kalavad Main Road, Rajkot Gujarat, India.
  • Working hours: working hours aren’t specified on the website.
  • Social media icons are present the icons that are on this website are intended solely for sharing information about the product.
  • Delivery and shipping policy: This company only offers domestic delivery, and international orders are not accepted. The delivery boxes will be waiting for delivery for 2-7 business days. You are able to change your delivery address before your order is sent out. The tracking information is available for sharing.
  • Accepted payment methods: In the Iffashion Store Review article we’ll inform you that the company accepts payments through UPI, Net Banking and credit, debit and prepaid cards.
  • Return policy: requests for return are accepted within 14 days after receipt. Shipping for return is the buyer’s cost. The product must be returned in their original packaging.
  • Refund policy: Refunds are processed for store credit for any future purchases.

Advantages of iffashionstore.com

Here are some of the benefits of buying online on this site:

  • Huge discounts
  • The wide variety of the products we offer
  • Secure payment methods
  • 24*7 customer support
  • Free and speedy delivery

Pros of iffashionstore.com

  • International shipping is not provided.
  • Poor Trust Index
  • Low Domain Age
  • Customer reviews that are negative

Is Iffashion Store Legit ?

  • Domain age 9 days old
  • Domain Expiration Date 1 July 2023
  • Trust score: A low trust index has been given to this website at 2percent.
  • Trust Rank: 47.1/100
  • Popularity rank: this site is given a rank of 0 which is extremely low.
  • Plagiarized content: We discovered that the content that is on this site has been copied from other shopping websites.
  • Customer policies: all policies for customers are listed on the website in order to ensure that confusion is not recurred later.
  • Customer reviews: We have discovered many complaints from customers on the internet regarding iffashionstore.com.
  • Originality of the address: The company address listed on the site appears not to be genuine.
  • Owner’s information: No information regarding the owners is made public.
  • Unrealistic discounts: There is an enormous sale that offers discounts of up to 80% on the products.

Iffashion Store Reviews

As we mentioned before, we came across some online complaints as well as negative reviews from customers. The complainants claim that this site is a fraud and that its prices are too great to be real.

Customers who didn’t get their items that they ordered and customer service didn’t respond to phone messages or calls.

The website appears as if it’s fraudulent. Learn the best ways to protect yourself against the online PayPal Scams !

Final Verdict:

Iffashionstore.com is an internet-based shopping site that deals exclusively with women’s clothes as well as accessories.

However, the owner registered the site recently and the site has a low score on trust. Its Iffashion Store reviews indicate that this site is a fraud and shouldn’t be used for shopping online. Therefore, be cautious.

For further questions For more questions, contact us in the comments section! Also, you can learn the best ways to stay safe against internet Credit Card Scams