Ikaad Reviews Is This A Legitimate Site Or Not ?


This guide provides a comprehensive analysis of Ikaad reviews and the website’s details. Take note of it and be informed prior to purchasing products.

Do you want to purchase Professional Women’s Shoes on the online marketplace? Ikaad.com site sells a high-end selection of women’s Shoes with the most competitive prices.

Ikaad.com has turned a love of women’s shoes into a thriving online platform Ikaad.com has grown into a thriving online websitein the United States and other countries. Let’s take a look around and visit the site as well as Ikaad reviews. This guide provides the most important information and reliability that are on offer at Ikaad.com. Ikaad.com website.

About the Ikaad.com Website

Ikaad.com is an Professional Women’s Shoes selling online platform. ikaad is an Professional Women’s Shoes Platform. It offers you the most extensive selection of ladies shoes. The site offers more deals on the items that customers appreciate. Ikaad was created in that women could be provided with the finest shoes. The Ikaad offers beautiful and stylish Shoes.

Customers are able to contact the site with any queries. In this regard, Ikaad.com always provides the best customer service and provides customers 24/7 with their support.

Before making any purchase through Ikaad, before you make any purchase from Ikaad website, you must know whether Ikaad Legit or not.

Website Specifications:

  • Web Design Type: Online Professional Women’s Shoes selling site.
  • The type of products Sunglasses, Liquid fuel lanterns Mini fridge, etc.
  • Product URL: https://ikaad.com/
  • Website was created on The domain began on July 12, 2022.
  • Website Expiration Date 12th July 2023
  • The price of the product sold: The product is being sold at a price in US Dollar currency.
  • Support Email ID: support@unitylovebotique.us
  • Address to Contact: 757 Market Street, San Francisco, California 94103, US
  • Contact number: Ikaad.com’s interaction number doesn’t exist.
  • Shipping Policies: 1 – 2 days & fast shipping
  • Delivery cost Free shipping within the US and CANADA
  • Refund Policy30 days after the date of return products accepted for return.
  • Return Policy thirty days from the date of receipt item .

More Ikaad Reviews

  • Exchange PolicyCustomers may exchange items.
  • The cancellation policy The cancellation policy is not accepted after the product has been shipped.
  • Tracking information for this product: FedEx or DHL to ship the items and monitor the delivery of the products.
  • Modality of Payment accepts AMEX, PayPal, Discover, Master Card, and others.


  • Ikaad.com is a legitimate HTTP secure protocol service.
  • The site guarantees free shipping to US as well as Canada.
  • Find Social Media links on the site.
  • The website was not found by the blacklist status.
  • The site accepts refunds, returns, or exchanges.

Aspects that are negative

  • The Ikaad.com website is not very popular.
  • The information about the owner on Ikaad.com website is hidden. Ikaad.com website is not visible.
  • The Ikaad.com website offers products in the US as well as Canada only.

Is Ikaad Legit?

The truth behind Ikaad.com’s website is revealed below. Ikaad.com website is given below.

  • The age of the Domain The domain was new and was first created days prior to.
  • Follow-up on social media Links to social media were present however, no followers were identified.
  • Trust Index score: The site scores a 1 percent trust score.
  • Position within Alexa: Alexa Global ranking is # for HTML1 is9177584 ,and Reach is # #8564352
  • Phone Numbers: Ikaad.com customer support number is not accessible
  • E-mail ID: Ikaad.com Email-id is available.
  • Domain Link Protection The site has an SSL certificate that is valid.
  • Domain content is infrequent Plagiarized data from the origin.
  • The Domain owner’s information: Ikaad.com owner’s data cannot be confirmed by a reliable company.

Ikaad Review by customers Ikaad.com customers’ reviews weren’t found.

  • Refund policy Accepts returns.
  • Privacy policy Information: Ikaad.com website wraps an privacy policy.
  • Exchange Policy: Ikaad.com website accepts product exchange.

Are you aware of the Ikaad.com legal details for their website as mentioned above? Continue reading more Ikaad.com customer reviews.

More details about customer feedback

Ikaad.com is a Professional Women’s Shoe selling online platform. The Ikaad.com website has the best deals and 24/7 customer support. The Ikaad.com website contains Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter social media profiles. There aren’t any followers listed on the account. The site is brand new and has limited products.

The Ikaad reviews and comments from customers are not accessible on reliable websites. The Ikaad.com website isn’t viewed by many and has a low level of popularity with customers. Also, you can browse the article on how to Recover Money from the PayPal scam with this link.


We conclude that the Ikaad.com website is listed as an online women’s professional website for selling shoes. The website does have small lists of products and there are no shoes available. The site has a poor score and also has issues that have been that are found on other high-tech fraudulent prevention sites. Therefore, we are not in favor of buying from the site. Ikaad.com is a scam. Ikaad.com site has a low trust index of 1 percent. Additionally, you should get information about scams on your Credit Card.

Have you got Ikaad Reviews? Take a look at your appraisal.