Innovative Technologies as the Means to Cover Labor Gap in Logistics


The logistics industry suffers a lot for the lack of labor staff. For many freight logistics companies, it becomes a real challenge to find competent drivers or experienced warehouse keepers. A lack of skillful dispatchers may lead to delays and endless confusion. Although freight forwarders do their best to find a way out of the situation, it isn’t an easy task.

More and more logistics specialists consider the possibility to replace some workers with … bots. There are already several modern logistics companies that benefit from the use of innovative technologies and AI solutions. Yet, the question is whether technologies are able to cover the labor gap and maintain proper supply chain functioning. Let’s figure it out.

The reasons for the labor gap in logistics

First of all, it’s necessary to understand why there is a lack of workers especially nowadays when freight forwarding is one of the most popular services among business owners. You can hardly find a company that is not able to deliver goods straight to the consumers. It should not be obligatory the door-to-door transport services when the items are handed out just in the parlor.

The next reason why it’s so difficult to hire good specialists is low salaries. For instance, the almost catastrophic lack of truck drivers is the result of the constant underpayment of wages. Moreover, it’s a big mistake to think that innovative technologies are cheaper. Really good and effective software and equipment are worth thousands of dollars.  

When technologies are useful

There are many situations when different tools, equipment, and technologies can be more effective than workers. Thus, when it comes to making up a proper route, it’s better to entrust this task to special applications. It takes only a few minutes to monitor mass media, check satiation on the roads, and create the most optimal route.

Moreover, warehouse inventory is able to drive crazy even the most patient managers. There are so many details that should be considered. Moreover, all data should be entered without mistakes. Otherwise, you are to experience confusion or even financial losses. Special programs are able to keep inventory in order without large efforts.

You can hardly find a better helper when it comes to fast loading. Thanks to special tools, it’s possible to finish loading procedures rather fast. Manual works take much time and effort. Moreover, the use of special tools minimizes the risks of damage.    

At the same time, when it comes to emergencies or unexpected situations, even the best software is not always possible to find a quick and effective way out. Experienced and skillful freight forwarders are able to cope with such tasks and provide out-of-the-box solutions. The same is true about dealing with possible complaints. In case of any problems, customers are not likely to be happy to communicate with bots.

So, it’s clear that innovative technologies are able to make the process of freight forwarding more comfortable and effective but they are not able to replace all the workers. There are still operations and procedures where only humans are needed.