Know The Important Roles of Nurses in Healthcare


The role of nurses is crucial in healthcare in many countries around the world the healthcare industry is among the top prioritized sectors . The importance of nurses in the healthcare field cannot be understated, for example travel nursing assignments. Therefore, it is fair to say that nursing is among the main components of the healthcare industry.

An nurse who has the master’s degree is able to communicate better to patients than other healthcare professionals and that is the reason they play a significant role in the health of patients. With a close connection with patients, they are able to not only provide medication, but they can also provide emotional help to those who need it.

In the past there have been disagreements over who is the most important between the nurse and the doctor. The truth is they work better when they are working together. Nurses’ assistance to doctors is not to be ignored. This article focuses on the crucial role that nurses ‘ role in healthcare.

Important Roles of Nurses in Healthcare

The following are some of the crucial role that nurses play in the health sector:

Nurses record the medical history of patients and symptoms

Before a patient can receive treatment, it is crucial to be aware of the health history and symptoms for the individual. If you have a thorough understanding of these the proper treatment can be administered for the individual. It is the duty of nurses to discover the correct documents and records.

This could include asking for previous diagnosis, procedures and any medications that the patient has taken. Allergies of the patient are essential to be aware of the type of treatment that is recommended along with the symptoms and signs. The patient’s record should be updated periodically when the patient is treated.

Nurses give treatments to patients

Nurses who are trained and certified can give treatments and prescriptions to patients upon the direction from a physician. Nurses who are trained in specific particular areas may not require an order from a physician prior to administering medications.

There may be situations of emergency which require immediate attention. In such situations nurses are able to administer treatments to stabilize the patient prior to when the doctor arrives. This can include quick treatments such as bandaging and dressing wounds. Additionally, nurses assist medical professionals in providing care to patients in emergency situations.

Nursing professionals are involved directly in Care Planning

Nurses usually work with medical professionals to ensure that the proper treatment is administered. Because they gather and record crucial information regarding the health of the patient and then relay them with the team of medical professionals in a manner that explains the current health that the person is in.

The nurse is directly making decisions about the treatment of the patient. A nurse should be able to examine the symptoms of the patients in order to be able to provide helpful advice on treatments to medical professionals.

Nurses take important Exams

Once the patient’s medical conditions and history are established, the nurses can run a variety testing for diagnostic purposes. These tests include urine test, blood test or stool test. The samples of all of them are taken to conduct an analysis.

It is crucial to keep track of every aspect of the test as the test results will help determine the diagnosis and the method of treatment which will be given. Nurses can also communicate the findings of the test to medical professionals.

Nurses perform physical Examinations of patients

Alongside the tests that are conducted nurses will also conduct physical examinations of patients to ensure an accurate assessment of health. These are crucial items that need to be taken note of. This includes taking a temperature reading as well as weight, heartbeat as well as blood pressure.

The sense organs such as the nose, eyes, and ears also get examined. What is observed by nurses during these tests will allow the medical team be informed of the condition of the patient’s health as well as the measures that need to take.

Nurses check the health of patients on a regular basis.

Nurses are accountable for constantly keeping track of their patients’ state of health condition of their patients in order to determine what level of health the patient responding to treatments. Monitoring the health status of the patient can help in identifying new signs to determine if there is the need for further diagnostics.

As the nurse is accountable to collect records in the first stage before procedure, they will be in a position to track changes in the patient’s health. The patient’s record could be kept up-to-date and the patient will continue receiving the necessary treatments.

Nurses provide advice to patients and offer emotional support

Patients require proper medical as well as emotional. Nurses are accountable for offering quality care to patients. It is easy as nurses can easily establish close bonds with patients.

There are times where emotional support can significantly aid a patient particularly in situations where the patient is given adverse medical information. Nurses can also guide patients on essential steps and strategies which can be used to ease the burden.

Nurses educate patients on how to handle an illness

Nurses are responsible for instructing their patients on how to deal with various medical ailments. This involves giving instructions on how to manage symptoms associated with the medical disease.

Additionally, patients should be educated about the potential causes of an illness to help them adjust. Nurses also have the duty of educating the public about prevalent diseases and their causes and preventative actions through educational seminars.

Nurses are the ones who operate various medical Equipment

To care for patients nurses utilize various tools and diagnostic equipment. This includes stethoscopes and thermometers, blood pressure machines and various other tools.

There are certain equipment that doctors only use most often, however nurses are trained to use some of these equipments. Therefore, it’s crucial that nurses are technologically adept to be able to use these equipment.

More Nurses

In all the areas that have been talked about Nurses and nursing compact states are extremely vital in the field of health and that is why they are highly regarded. According to the US Bureau of labor statistics predicts that approximately 275,000 more nurses will be required between 2020 to 2030. This indicates that nurses will be needed in the health sector.