Kubapharm April 2022 Reviews Is This Site Genuine Or Scam


Review Kubapharm Review to find out more about Kubapharm.com selling prescription drugs online. Also, find out about its credibility, its the duration of its existence, and other the features.

It was found that Kubapharm was able to provide Schedule II Stimulants and Adderall medications that aren’t available without prescription. Did you be aware that the FDA as well as the United States Drug Enforcement Administration issued an alert letter to Kubapharm.com on March 30, 2022? They also stated that Kubapharm.com was not a member of the modified DEA registration.

Before you buy on Kubapharm.com Let’s take a look at the Kubapharm Review HTML1to find out details about this website.


Kubapharm.com is an online commercial website offering online prescriptions for medicines. Additional reviews of Kubapharm.com revealed that customers have filed numerous complaints against the website.

Kubapharm.com does not advocate self-medication , but recognizes that obtaining prescriptions can be lengthy. Kubapharm.com offers all kinds of drugs. It doesn’t require customers to provide a prescription for scheduled medications. Kubapharm.com featured:

  • Antipyretics
  • Analgesics
  • Painkillers
  • Antimalarial drugs
  • Antibiotics
  • Antiseptics
  • Research Chemicals
  • Mood stabilizers
  • Prescription-medications


  • Buy medicine at: https://kubapharm.com/.
  • Social media links:unspecified on Kubapharm.com, being considered when the review Kubapharm’s legitimacy. Kubapharm legitimate ?
  • Cost:between $1.00 to $6,250.00.
  • Address:20411 Neuralia Rd, California City, CA 93505.
  • Review by Customers and Blogs:only customer reviews are accepted by Kubapharm.com.
  • Terms and Conditionsunspecified on Kubapharm.com. A few specific points are listed in the FAQ.
  • Policy on privacy: Unspecified on Kubapharm.com. A few details are listed in the FAQ.
  • phone (or) Whatsapp phone numberonly the contact phone number given in the form of (513)760-0548 at Kubapharm.com.
  • store locatorKubapharm.com does not provide the physical addresses of the stores.
  • Answers to FAQ and Help listed on Kubapharm.com.
  • Shipping PolicyMedicines can be shipped within 3 to 14 days via Kubapharm.com.
  • Shipping policy:Standard international shipping costs $30, while expedited international shipping is $50. These are which are accounted for by Kubapharm Reviews.
  • Monitoring:not possible at Kubapharm.com.
  • Retour Policyunspecified on Kubapharm.com.
  • The policy for refunds is: Kubapharm.com offers refunds only for defective and damaged products.
  • Email address: contact@kubapharm.com.
  • Modal payment:via Discover, MasterCard, PayPal, Skrill, and Visa in USUSD.
  • Newsletters sponsored by Kubapharm.com.


  • The user-friendly interface of Kubapharm.com that allows searching, sorting, and filtering options.
  • A full description of the the medicine is offered on Kubapharm.com
  • The prescriptions do not need to be uploaded for purchase through Kubapharm.com
  • Restricted medications are sold in large quantities in powdered form on Kubapharm.com
  • Medicines are classified. There is no need to have information about medicines and can purchase them through Kubapharm.co

Cons determining Is Kubapharm Legit:

  • By ignoring the rules, Kubapharm.com offers restricted medicines that negate the benefits of Kubapharm.com
  • Kubapharm.com didn’t specify any policies or guidelines and did not provide adequate information in the FAQs
  • Kubapharm.com is the one that controls customer reviews because reviews were not counted and were not displayed on the dashboard
  • The physical address was an apartment on maps.
  • Shipping costs are high, and there is non-free shipping and specials provided by Kubapharm.com

Is Kubapharm.com Legit?

  • Kubapharm.com Creation: 25th May 2020 at 09:43:53.
  • Kubapharm.com Age: twenty-two months and two days old.
  • Kubapharm.com The last update was on: 11th January 2022 at 21:15:37.
  • Kubapharm.com Expiry date: 25th May , 2022 09:43:53. It is a major factor for Kubapharm Review.
  • Kubapharm.com life is expected toexpires within 40 days.
  • Trust Index: Kubapharm.com has a poor Trust Rating of 33 percent.
  • business ranking:Kubapharm.com achieved a 58.6 percent ranking for business.
  • Where it came from:The CoO for Kubapharm.com is Germany.
  • Situation of Blacklisting Kubapharm.com is not blacklisted.
  • SSL Status:its IP has an authentic SSL certificate.
  • Risk Profile5/100.
  • Suspicious Websites Proximity: 27/100.
  • Scam Score5/100.
  • Security Score for Malware:2/100.
  • Spam Score4/100.
  • Connection SecurityKubapharm.com transmits information using secure HTTPS protocol.
  • Personne to Contact:unspecified at Kubapharm.com.
  • Social Relations: Kubapharm.com is not active on social media.
  • Contact and Identity of the owner:censored using services of GDPR Masked.

Customers Kubapharm Reviews:

Two YouTube reviews as well as more than thirty website reviews on Kubapharm.com suggests that it’s possible to be authentic. Three reviews from customers on the web have rated Kubapharm.com 1/5 stars.

A handful of product reviews on Kubapharm.com are mostly positive, and therefore fake. There are no customer reviews or scores were discovered for Kubapharm.com elsewhere online and on social media.

A customer’s acknowledgement of the delivery of Kubapharm.com was available on the web. Kubapharm.com has a low rating of 4,688,132 Alexa ranking. So, Learn More About PayPal diddles PayPal Diddlesas Kubapharm.com is a PayPal partner. PayPal.


Kubapharm.com is a scam with a poor TrustRank in addition to an Alexa Rating. Kubapharm reviews concluding that Kubapharm.com is a definite Scam although it had an extended existence, a low risk profile and suspicion, as well as an the average ranking for business. However, there were numerous complaints about Kubapharm.com as well as FDA sent an advisory letter to the site. So, we don’t recommend Kubapharm.com because its registration is set to expire in the near future.

Learn more About the Credit Card Diddles Credit Card Diddlesas Kubapharm.com accepts debit and credit card transactions.

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