Longoods May 2022 Reviews Is This Site Genuine Or Scam?


This guide has decided to provide an in-depth review of Longoods Reviews. Be sure to read the review and are aware of the legitimacy before purchasing the product from the online site.


Are you looking for a large and appealing selection of orthopedic footwear in online stores? Do you want lightweight and comfortable shoes? You will find a vast selection of styles in the Longoods store. For those who love trendy designs, can browse the site to buy.

The latest and most innovative items on the website is available in United States. Anyone who is interested in fashionable new and exciting products can purchase products from here. This guide will go over and provide you with Longoods Reviews. It will help you get an idea of what to expect before purchasing the items.

What is Longood’s?

Longwood HTML0has been the leading manufacturer of high-quality products for customers since 2005. Liam Smith is the managing director of the store. It is the largest high-quality distribution company. Longwood is the top-rated business in the market. Their main goal is satisfaction of their customers. They claim to have satisfied the needs of more than 877000 people.

Longwood’s sells beautiful and healthy compression socks for burning fat. It also sells fashionable stylish shoes for women and men. Keep reading to find out the reliability and testimonials of the site. Are Longoods Legit ?


  • Type of website:Online Ecommerce website
  • Type of product:fashionable orthopedic shoes
  • Site URL https://longoods.com
  • Domain creation date: Website created on 25th March 2022 (one month ago)
  • Cost of the product: cost of the product is stated in Euro
  • Email ID:info@longoods.com
  • Official Contact Number: Not available on the official website
  • Number is not listed through the official web site
  • Shipping Policy Processing of orders 1 to 2 days and delivery within working days.
  • Delivery of the product: Free shipping in the UK
  • Refund Policy Products that are cancelled that are available.
  • Policy on Returns 14 days from the return, refund or exchange of items with good condition. Keep an eye on Longoods Reviews.
  • Pay transactions The majority of credit cards, including American Express, Diners Club, Apple pay, Discover, JCB, Visa, and Master Card payments are accepted.

Let’s look at both the good and bad aspects on this website. Longoods.com website.

The positive aspects

  • This site is protected by a secure HTTPS connection.
  • This site celebrates the spring sales of 2022 by offering an offer of 50% off the item.
  • The site has been created with the best of all items and features.
  • Owner identification is available through the website of owner identification.

Aspects negatives:

  • Contact number is not displayed on the site.
  • The site is not popular.
  • It does not have any reviews on the trusted online review websites.
  • Social media connections are not accessible.

Is Longoods Legit?

The next section outlines the integrity of the website.

  • The website’s age The domain is newly shaped with less than six months.
  • Social media accessibility: No social media links available.
  • Credibility score This score only holds only 1% of the trustworthy and trusted score.
  • Ranking on Alexa The Ranking is # 2830454 on Alexa’s overall ranking.
  • Contact details The address is not on the official site.
  • E-mail ID Validity Email ID is accessible on the home page of the site.
  • Does the website link Secure it has an encrypted HTTPS certificate data connection.
  • Uniqueness of the website’s content No duplicated information was found.
  • The information about the owner of the website The name of the owner is readily available.
  • reviews of Longoods by customersIt offers more useful reviews of the products that are available exclusively on the official website.
  • Return PolicyIt is 14-days reimbursement if the product is in the good condition of the item
  • Exchange and Return policyLongoods website allows 14 days for return or exchange of items that are that are in good condition.

More information about customer reviews

The site has excellent customer reviews, with excellent rating for its products as well as customer service. The website has received positive reviews from customers only on its official website. Customer reviews were not discovered on other review websites. The Longwood website does not have a social media connections. There were no reviews or pages accessible. The site is not popular.

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The Longoods website was created one month ago and it’s not accessible across the globe. The site has a great customer review on its website. The website is brand young, and far too new. It has a poor credibility scores of just 1. However, there are no reviews from customers are posted online. This labels the website and its products as shady. Additionally, you should be aware of scams Concerning the Credit Card through this link.

What is your opinion of the website distinct than reviews from Longoods? Comment below. comments section below.