Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Garden Looking Amazing


Gardens are always desirable features in homes, and having a private outdoor space to enjoy is always a bonus, particularly in the sunny weather! However, to keep a garden looking good will require at least some basic maintenance work. If you aren’t a keen gardener, choosing low-maintenance designs and plants for your outdoor space will be beneficial, but make sure you carry out the following tasks to keep your garden looking its best.

  1. Stay on Top of Weeds

Weeding can be tedious, but if you don’t make an effort to do this about once or twice a week, you will quickly find your garden overcome with them. They grow and spread quickly, and not only will weeds make your garden look untidy, but their roots can impact the growth of your other plants in beds and pots. Use weedkiller on dry days with low winds to help keep them at bay, but when it does come to your flowerbeds and pots, you will just have to remove them by hand to avoid killing off the other flora that you want.

  1. Treating Wooden Fences

Most wooden garden fences and furniture you buy will have already been treated, but always double-check this. Even if they have, over time, you will need to repeat this to keep the wood protected against the elements. You may only need to do this once every couple of years, so it’s not as big a chore as it might seem. If you want your fences painted, you might also want to touch this up every year or two to keep the color looking its best.

  1. Cleaning Patios and Decking

If you do have a patio or decking in your garden, then aim to clean it once a year. You can use pressure washers to get rid of stubborn dirt, an outdoor broom, and some water for a lighter clean. Wooden decking will also need treating like your wooden fences to prevent rot. When it comes to cleaning your patio, don’t forget about the grouting between the paving slabs. You can find professional grouting equipment at as an example of what would work best for your patio and driveway.

  1. Pruning Trees and Hedges

Overgrown hedges and bushes can begin to overwhelm the spaces around them and look neglected and messy. Even if you prefer a more natural look to your garden rather than a manicured finish, you should still ensure you are keeping on top of pruning duties. Not only does this keep your garden looking tidier, but it can also help keep your hedges healthy. Trees may also need to be cut back on occasion, especially if they risk damaging other buildings or blocking sunlight from other plants or your neighbor’s garden. 

These are just some of the basic garden maintenance tasks you should be carrying out, and if you follow these tips, they will help your outdoor space look great at all times.