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Did you know of this Star Guardian 2022 launch? Yes! The event was launched on July 14, 2022, unveiling all the amazing changes. The annual event dubbed Star Guardian is a much-awaited event for fans. It goes through for 10 weeks, and is supported by both out-of-game and in-game content. The players are treated to new skins and skins for more than 10 characters.

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U Git Gud or is a well-known website providing Leagueof Legends and League of- Legends statistics and other details. The site was created by the owners in the year 2018, and it assists players in understanding the summoners and champions based on current statistics. When a new champion or summoner is announced within the game time, is quick enough to update its statistics and give runs, counters, builds and other information.

Since Nilah was introduced within League- of- Legends on July 14, 2022, during an event called the Star Guardian event, players are eager to know about her counters and statistics on the website. If you’d like to know more about Nilah’s counters , including master Yi,

About League -of- Legends:

The game was released on Microsoft Windows in 2009, it’s a well-known online multiplayer battle video game produced in partnership with Riot Games. It is currently accessible for macOS as well as Windows.

It’s free to play, and earns money through purchaseable customizing the character. The player is able to control the character known as champion with distinct abilities and various game style.

They gain level by gaining XP through taking out enemies. In the game of player-versus player Two teams consisting of five members fight and defend their respective sides on the field. Before we learn more what we know about Nilah, we will discuss Nilah, the new champ Nilah in depth.

Who is Nilah?

The release coincides as part of in the Star Guardian 2022 event, Nilah is a powerful warrior who is searching for the deadliest and massive enemies to be able to take on them and take them down.

She is not feeling any emotion aside from perpetual joy because she was able to gain her power after a confrontation with the joy-demon. But, it’s an insignificant cost to be paid for the immense ability she now has.

She is able to use demonic powers as well as her unchanging blade Urumi. She can perform emotional feeding and demonic water manipulation as well as water walking. She is stronger and more agile.

How to use Nilah Counters ?

According to the data on the website, the most effective counter-picks for Nilah are Seraphine, Sivir, Miss Fortune, Tristana, Draven, Kalista, Jhin, Varus, Caitlyn, Twitch, and many more.

But, the most unlucky picks to take on Nilah are Ziggs, Veigar, Yasuo, Karthus, Samira, Aphelios and others. You could also play with her E and avoid engaging her in the jungle and ban her from the start and consider investing in healing reduction in order to fight Nilah.

Final Words:

For more details on Nilah champion’s Counters for the champion, you can go to the official website by clicking the linkNilah is a well-known League-of-Legends statistics site that is designed to help players understand more about champions Nilah according to the most recent stats.

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