Opqpike April 2022 Reviews Know If This Is Legit ?


If you’re looking for a website online that sells water sports equipment we recommend you go through our blog post, called the Opqpike Review..

Do you enjoy the thrill of adventure? Do you enjoy river rafting? Everyone enjoys exciting activities. It could be climbing the mountain or trekking, gliding and river rafting. There are many sports that can be considered adventurous. Today, we’ll discuss a website that offers products that are adventurous. The website is called Opqpike and offers paddleboards, kayaks, as well as boats.

This website has attracted the attention of all people across Canada. If you’re searching for impartial opinions about this site take a look at the reviews on our Review of Opqpike


The Opqpike website is exclusively focused on the most extreme sports equipment including kayaks, boats and paddleboards. They only specialize in one particular area. If you visit their site, you’ll notice the products and prices are attractive. Additionally, certain products are being sold, which makes buyers want to purchase more. They are also claiming to provide customers with top quality of service. However, the domain’s date of birth and the identity of its owner aren’t available at the moment.

Then, we’ll take a step further in finding out whether Opqpike Legal or not? We will verify this by looking at its specs.


  • Domain Age The domain age isn’t available but only the most recent date, which is 2022/03/02.
  • Newsletter Newsletter is now available.
  • Shipping Policy –The logistics timeframe is between 15 and 25 working days.
  • Contact Address:No address has been listed on the site.
  • Email Address- zdtl.service@gmail.com
  • Method of Payment-Pay through Visa, JCB, American Express, Discover, PayPal, MasterCard, etc.
  • Refund Policy –Refund time will be around three to five business days.
  • Exchange Policy Exchange policy is not specified.
  • Return Policy –Products are able to return within 14 calendar days.
  • Website Link –check the following https://opqpike.de/
  • Products offeredin the form ofpaddleboard boats, paddleboards, as well as kayaks

Let’s discover the advantages and disadvantages of Opqpike Review they will be an important aspect and will reveal the truth about the web-based site.

Benefits Opqpike

  • The site is secured with HTTPS, which is the HTTPS protocol. It makes it secure while you pay.
  • They ensure the high product’s quality.
  • Social media icons are available across Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Youtube.
  • A majority of their merchandise is at a discount, making these items affordable.

Merits of Opqpike

  • Url and Portal are not the same thing.
  • The domain’s age on the website is not available.
  • The icons on the site redirect to the site itself.
  • The name of the email address and the domain name do not coincide.
  • The full contact information is not available.
  • Trust Score is low.
  • Reviews from customers aren’t yet available.

Is Opqpike Legit? Or Scam

Let’s look at the most important factors that determine the legitimacy of the website. In this article, we will highlight certain aspects that will make things easy to understand about the site.

  • Website Creation dateThe date of the website’s formation is inaccessible and is last modified on the date of 2022/03/02.
  • Social Media Link This site isn’t active on social media platforms.
  • Discounts –Some items are discounted and discounts are offered.
  • Content QualityTheir “About Us” section’s content is completely plagiarized.
  • Customer Comments- There are no Opqpike reviews on the website were published as of yet.
  • Trust scorethe trust score stands at just 32%, which is a poor score.
  • Trust Rank The Trust rank is 100 percent, which is an outstanding rank.
  • Adress Authenticity The address of the company on the site is not displayed.
  • Policies The policies are written in a clear manner.
  • Domain ExpiryDomain Expiry date of expiration for domains is not available.

The Customer’s Thoughts

There are reviews from customers available on this site , everywhere. However, there are no reviews available on Trustpilot or any other legitimate website. Additionally, the website has no social media profile from which we could have obtained certain Opqpike reviews. Additionally, there was no review done on the website as of yet.

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The Final Words

The Opqpike website, which sells water sports equipment like kayaks, paddleboards and kayas is a site with no transparency since their domain’s age, founder’s name as well as social media presence can’t be located anywhere. The most controversial thing is that there isn’t any feedback from customers and not even on their site.

Therefore, we can identify that it is a scam site We would advise to be cautious prior to making a purchase. Check out Opqpike Reviewcarefully. Are you interested in knowing the best way to avoid this debit card fraud? Read all details here.

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