Outlook OR Thunderbird : A Comparative Review Between The Apps


Outlook VS Thunderbird Outlook VS Thunderbird are many mailing applications available on the market, however the most popular comprise Outlook as well as Thunderbird. They are desktop apps which are extremely useful for accessing emails from your personal computer. If you are confused in selecting one email application from the many available this blog can guide you to choose the most suitable choice for your needs.

Comparative Review

After having read this review it is not a bad idea to try both email applications and then deciding which one is the best. If you’re one of them there’s a handy Thunderbird converter from Outlook conversion tool that can perform quick and simple data transfers between the two clients. If you want to take your time and examine the differences, you’ll be able to stay clear of this.

More and Lesses for Thunderbird

Thunderbird is an open-source mailer software developed by Mozilla and backed by a large community around the world. The development of the project has been delayed recently which means that no new updates have been released. Today you are able to install an older version of the program. This is a totally free program that is accessible to anyone. It is possible to choose between three kinds of software that are available for Windows as well as Linux. The program is simple to install and use.

Thunderbird has a number of beneficial features for its users. For instance, it has LDAP when you’ve sent a mailer to a recipient, the address will appear immediately in the list of contacts. The next time, simply type in the first letter of the recipient’s names – the app will complete the remainder details of your address. The program allows chats with Google Talk, IRC, Twitter, Facebook, and XMPP.

For the disadvantages, Thunderbird is prone to crash when the folder’s size increases. Additionally, the user interface is dated.

Outlook Both Pros and Con

MS Outlook is a personal information manager as well as a secure email software. The most used desktop email client , which allows using MS Exchange and MS Sharepoint servers. With the calendar feature, you can make and receive meeting requests as well as make your schedule available to other users in your social network.

Additionally, Outlook provides the Social Connector option: it allows you to enable the integration of social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Windows Live Messenger with MS Outlook. Pros:

  • offers a robust anti-spam as well as filters out phishing attacks;
  • Supports IMAP and POP3 support;
  • It is easy to connect an additional account it is easy to add another account Outlook easily, including Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and so on. ;
  • supports different languages;
  • provides various utilities;
  • You can modify the color and layout of the user interface. It allows you to change the color and style of the.

However, Outlook is not an open-source software It is completely owned by Microsoft and isn’t free to download. Both email clients offer the most effective features for managing your email and management, so it’s up to you to decide which one you prefer.