Pittmoss April 2022 Reviews Is This A Real Site Or Scam?


Our investigation into Pittmoss reviews exposes the truth about the store. It will reveal its advantages, pros as well as cons and its legitimacy.

Do you appreciate the greenery in your surroundings? Do you plan to create an herb garden at your house? If so you should check out the Pittmoss shop located in the United States serves plants as well as other organic seeds that are both sustainable and productive. This article is about Pittmoss reviews that will provide you with information about their features as well as the legitimacy, descriptions of their products, as well as other important information.

If you intend to buy at this site, make sure you spend the time in this article and take the required step. Now, let’s begin with our research.

Short description of Pittmoss shop

Pittmoss Shop is an internet-based store which sells nursery products and healthy plants. The plants they sell are sustainable improve yields, and will make our environment healthy and clean. They have a wide variety of pots and plants. Below is a list of the varieties:

  • Organic Potting Mix
  • Coconut Coir Mix
  • Horse Bedding
  • Poultry Bedding
  • Small Pet Bedding
  • Peat Reduced Mix
  • Organic Soil Conditioner
  • Potting Soil with Nutrients Enhanced Potting

Is Pittmoss legitimate? Prior to visiting the shop it is essential to ensure that the place you shop at is safe and secure. Customers must be cautious when giving their credentials to unknown sources. The shop is well-known and people who buy from it might think it’s secure. But, don’t be a fool and take the necessary precautions. We have all the essential information that will protect customers from fraudulent and scam practices.

Highlights from the Pittmoss shop

  • Purchase nurseries from https://pittmoss.com/.
  • Location Location: 2603 Duss Ave, PA 15003, Ambridge
  • Telephone number: (888) 842-3553
  • The email address can’t be listed anywhere on the website.
  • We discovered some positive Pittmoss Reviews in online critique websites. In addition, several positive reviews are available on their official site.
  • Return Policy The return policy runs for a month.
  • Refund Policy: Items sold on sale are not refundable. The refund can be made on regular products.
  • Shipping Policy: Orders are delivered within 4-5 days. The orders are delivered within 2 days.
  • Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, American Express, etc. are some of the accepted payment options.

Positive Highlights

  • Positive reviews were reported on Facebook.
  • Many excellent reviews are available on official and online websites.
  • Phone number and location are located.
  • They provide organic, sustainable and nutrient-rich plants.

Negative Highlights

  • The email address isn’t there.

Is Pittmoss a legitimate source? ?

Pittmoss shop is committed to creating an environment that is better for each generation. Naturally, you’ll enjoy their products but prior to purchasing any plant or create a plant nursery in your house with their plants, make sure you be sure to read the entire details about Pittmoss. Below are some facts about their legitimacy below:

  • Website creation The 8th of July, 2009 is the date that Pittmoss was registered. The website is 12 years old.
  • Registerer:Pittmoss was registered by GoDaddy.com, LLC.
  • trust score:Pittmoss boasts a 96 percent trust level. It’s an outstanding rating for trust, and customers can trust it.
  • Buyer’s Comments Our team has found fantastic Pittmoss reviews from the company’s official site. Additionally, numerous outstanding reviews were discovered on the internet review websites.
  • Social media accounts Our team discovered accounts that were on Facebook as well as Instagram. The scores on Facebook were excellent and acceptable.
  • Data Security:This webshop uses the HTTPS protocol to ensure safe data transmission.
  • Privacy policy: All the necessary policies are listed on the page. The policies cover Privacy policy and return policy etc.
  • Incorrect information Our team of research located the company’s address and phone number on the website. The email address is not available in the layout.

Pittmoss Reviews

Pittmoss is an incredibly well-known store and has been mentioned as the location and telephone number. Unfortunately the email address is not available. We’ve discovered a few websites of Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter as well as Instagram. Facebook has rated this website 5/5, while there are lots of users on Instagram. However there were some favorable reviews discovered on trusted websites. The official website has some favorable reviews.

Alexa has placed Pittmoss shop highly. This means it’s a well-known website. In addition, buyers are able to get information on fraudulent credit card transactions by reading this article.

The Final Report

When we review this content of Pittmoss Review We conclude that the shop is trustworthy because it has a long life expectancy of 12 years, and a decent trust score. The shop has been operating for quite a while. Visit this shop to know more what you can about Plant nurseries.

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It is imperative to remember that buyers should beware of PayPal fraudsters by following the steps outlined in this article.