Remote Control Wheelchair

Remote Control Wheelchair

OptiStop with Sip ‘N Puff safety stop switch

Remote control wheelchairs are a great way to get around, especially if you have limited mobility. New World Mobility’s remote control wheelchairs are available with a wide range of functions. From a safety stop switch to speed indication and speed down/up buttons, these chairs can help you move around more freely. Its LED lights up when the wheelchair is in Receiver Mode and turns off after 30 seconds if the receiver is not receiving valid signals.

The Sip ‘N Puff safety stop switches enable independent movement for users with limited or no head and extremity control. Using an integrated head array and a pneumatic switch, they enable side-to-side movement and forward and backward movement.

The SNP safety stop switch is easy to install and easy to use. It also recognizes sips and puffs specific to a single user. There is a slide switch to change the sensitivity of the sip and puff signals. The OptiStop is designed to be installed with a wide range of accessories and user interfaces.

Pro SpotTM proportional switches provide full and continuous range of speed and direction for superior drivability

Pro SpotTM proportional switches provide superior drivability by offering a full and continuous range of speed and direction system. These switches feature a six-volt DC logic signal with short-circuit protection. They are available in solid-state or electromechanical designs, and are backed by a 100,000-cycle warranty. These switches are available with a non-volatile memory that retains data even if power is lost.

Pro SpotTM proportional switches are ideal for vehicles with complex suspension systems, as they are designed to adjust the suspension’s response to changes in speed. They are also suitable for use on cars with a limited amount of torque. Their high level of accuracy and precision make them the ideal choice for demanding applications.

The Pro SpotTM Series 935A has a convenient software menu that gives you quick access to important features. This menu also includes the option to start auto-tuning, set alarm points, and select a countdown time. From here, you can also access the PID Menu, which lets you adjust the sensitivity and hysteresis of the switches.

Refunds for remote control wheelchairs

If you’re not satisfied with your purchase, New World Mobility will provide a full refund. Their remote control wheelchairs are equipped with a 360-degree waterproof universal intelligent joystick with speed indicators and speed up and down buttons. They also offer a free exchange policy within three years.