May 2022 Reviews Is This Site Trusted Or Not?


This review is an honest reviews about the online store which offers branded clothing as well as related items.

Are you influenced by fashion-forward clothes? Today, we’ll present an e-commerce website that offers high-end women’s clothes all under one umbrella. The store will find clothing for all seasons which includes spring, summer and winter.

Additionally it covers every popular location across the globe and includes India. Additionally, some users are still unsure about the authenticity of the website So let’s take a look through these Review Reviews.

In-depth information on is a worldwide fashion retailer that helps customers to feel relaxed and stylish in their clothes. The website has earned an established brand name around the worldand is dedicated to providing the most up-to-date and top-quality clothing. The site’s dashboard is divided into various categories, including bottoms and weddings, beauty brands tops, dresses, and so on.

In addition, on this online store you will find all the famous brands’ products are offered for sale at an affordable price, as the website is offering an offer where customers can receive a discount of 25% by using promo code SHOWPO25. In addition, it is said to be the best one-stop store for the most fashionable clothes. Is Legit? Please continue scrolling to find truthful responses.

Conditions and terms of

  • Official website link-
  • Clothing, footwear and accessories,
  • Address: the Data Protection Officer. 3 Rookwood Road, Chullora NSW 2190
  • Shipping fees: No charge for orders over 50$ (T&C applicable)
  • Payment options with PayPal
  • Social media connections
  • The time of delivery for transportation is contingent on the location.
  • Exchange and return policy on the itemThe item can be returned within 30 days
  • Email address:
  • The policy on refunds – time frame isn’t mentioned
  • Domain name creation date- 17/07/2021
  • Newsletter- Available

Pay attention to this reviews to help you understand your doubts.

Positive benefits of placing an order on this site

  • The URL for the website is secured with HTTPS.
  • Customers will receive an additional 25% discount with the use of the coupon discount code when they purchase.
  • In the online store you can find all the top clothing brands’ items are on sale.
  • The website is active on Facebook and Twitter pages.
  • The information provided on the site is correct.

Negatives of buying through this portal

  • The feedbacks of the shopper are not available on the site.
  • If there are any questions customers are able to connect to the site via email.
  • The shipping applies to any international location that includes India.

Is Legit?

This section will inform prospective buyers about the website’s technical aspects and other outlines. In addition, today, internet fraud is constantly growing. This is why it is advisable to look thoroughly before sharing your card information on any untrusted websites.

As per the latest study, this store appears to be legitimate. But, do be aware of the below-described indications.

  • Date of creation of the domain name: The domain name of the website was registered on 17 July 2011; therefore, the domain name has been around for more than 10 years old.
  • The trust-index portal is in a very safe risk, as it been able to get 96 percent in the Trust score.
  • Comments from customerson the official website there are no customer comments. The site has received mixed reviews via Trustpilot.
  • Social media connections- Under the footer of the page the active social media page is highlighted with links that lead you to the official social media platforms.
  • Date of Domain expiration- The domain of the website will expire on the 17th of July in 2023.
  • Trust index rank: It has earned a trust index above the average rank of 65.4 percent.
  • Validity of address for companiesWe don’t have any information on the validity of all the official addresses for the website.
  • Quality of the content on the siteThe quality of the content on the site is average as a portion pertinent information is not available on the site.

Shopper’s Reviews

It is crucial to read through the reviews of the customer prior to purchasing from one of the most reputable sites since they provide accurate information about the product’s quality as well as the services after sale. In addition, according to Trustpilot the website has earned 2.6 stars and has received mixed reviews. Some customers have expressed dissatisfaction by the site’s refund and return policy, whereas some said they were thrilled with the goods they purchased from the website. So, we leave the final choice to the customers. In the event that you are looking to ask for a reimbursement via PayPal Find it here.


In these Review we found that this clothing website is well-known on the internet and has earned a good reputation from consumers. Additionally, the site has seen a huge increase in popularity through it’s facebook page and on Instagram. But we advise that buyers do their research before adding any item to their shopping cart. If you’re legally required to repay the purchase using a the credit card Read this article.

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