Sunneshe July 2022 Reviews Know Its Authenticity Here!


There are many great collections of women’s clothes at this store, with amazing discounts. To verify its legitimacy, please read the Sunneshe Reviews.

Are you using Google to search for women’s apparel shops? Are you looking for casual, comfortable dresses that aren’t t-shirts? This article will give you some insight. Sunneshe offers amazing women’s clothes in the United KingdomGermany with a great rebate rate.

Did you ever read the Sunneshe Review? Do you know what consumers think about this portal? We recommend that you read the comments to learn more about its reliability and product quality.

What’s the Sunneshe shop?

Our team has gathered important information about the seller, including its design and products. We have already mentioned that the shop offers amazing apparel, including swimwear, bottoms, and two-piece dresses.

Is Sunneshe Legit The shop’s design is sophisticated and uses sophisticated backgrounds and font colors. The entire catalog is now separated into a segment (the previously mentioned collection). We now come to the Home’ page. This page contains product images, category sections, and other details.

The product also comes in a single color option, with three different sizes (Small Medium and Large), and brief descriptions with some photos. Now. Hot summer sale: Up to 70% off on all purchases


  • Corporate Number: This number is not publicly available.
  • Remarks: The site has multiple Sunneshe reviews as well as ratings.
  • Official URL:
  • Email: Your email address is not correct.
  • Location Information: This site does not include details about its corporate office.
  • Cancellation Policy: Not available.
  • Refund Possibility – It is a seven day policy.
  • Return Process: 30 days policy.
  • Shipping Information: Delivery takes between 5 and 7 days. International delivery times can vary, as in the United States. The delivery time is between 8 and 15 days.
  • Delivery cost: Free for orders greater than 79 USD
  • Alternative Possibility: At the moment, not available. However, you can place a new order once the original one has been returned.
  • Payment Gateways: Visa, JCB, Discover, PayPal, Master Card, etc.

Pros: Sunneshe Legit

  • Review availability.
  • Multiple payment processes
  • Various product designs are available at huge discounts.
  • HTTPS protocol is available.


  • Social profiles don’t have reviews.
  • Web engines do not provide any information.
  • No social profile details.
  • Details missing from the address.
  • Absence of email address and contact number
  • There is no cancellation policy.

How reliable are Sunneshe shops?

When shopping online, it is important to verify the reliability of your purchase. We’ll be analysing all points and proving its legitimacy to our audience in the next segment. Continue reading this Sunneshe Reviews article to the end.

  • Trust Point: Only 8 percent
  • Domain ID:
  • Verification of address: The location is not available so the verification couldn’t take place.
  • Missing Contacts: Address, contact number, cancellation policy, email ID.
  • Paying Process: Multiple.
  • Remarks: Available.
  • Age: More Than 7 Months, the date being 9 December 2021.
  • Social Community URLs – The URLs are not available on the portal.
  • Plagiarized Content: 32 Percent is a duplicate of a report and 53 per cent is a copy of a report.
  • Owner Data: Sunneshe is the operator.
  • Skipped Pages: Prevalence of 3 pages.
  • Dead Links Unavailable

It is not the most recent, but the trust score is still too low. There are also several missing data, which is a problem.

Consumers Sunneshe :

All of the comments on the shop’s product pages include ratings and ratings. These ratings indicate that the customers received the right-sized product, good product quality, excellent service, and so forth.

The names of the reviewers are obscured with special characters but the dates are listed. This data is in addition to the fact that we could not find any other reviews or opinions on the site (the site does not have a social media connection). Therefore, this data should not be relied upon alone. You can also read how to request refunds on PayPal.

Final Verdict:

Is the store trustworthy? The Sunneshe Reviews all praise the store; however, no additional information is available via the search engines. The site’s low trust rating, lack of details and absence of social profiles are all indicators that it is not legitimate. also see the steps to get refunds on credit cards. This blog is useful. Please mention it in your comment box.