Tanimauk June 2022 Reviews Is The Website Authentic?


Are you seeking an honest explanation prior to purchasing through this site? It is recommended to read the Tanimauk Review article that will help you.

Folks, would you like to purchase from this website called Tanimauk? If yes, then you need to be aware of everything you can about the website. Beware of buying from any new site on the first try because there are numerous scam and fake websites. Tanimauk is an on-line website that sells a variety of merchandise. It is also becoming quite well-known across the United Kingdom.

Before jumping into any conclusions about the site, we have to examine the credibility aspects of the site through Tanimauk Review.

Introduction Of Tanimauk

Tanimauk is an online retailer that sells a variety of merchandise. They sell air conditioners bags, accessories furniture, etc. The company claims it strives to create most effective products available and have been developed with a thorough analysis. Also, you can find deals on a few of the items. However, this website hasn’t named its owner, nor has the site was created in the last few days.

There are more things to be discussed on the website and, in the next section, we’ll talk about specifications. This will assist you in understanding whether Tanimauk Legal as well as whether or not.

Specifications Regarding Tanimauk Website

  • Website Link- Products can be checked via https://tanimauk.com/
  • Payment Methods – You can pay through Visa, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, Master card etc.
  • Shipping Information- Estimated delivery takes 5-8 days
  • Domain Registration Date The domain was registered on the 2022/04/03 date, just a few short months ago.
  • Products Available-They provide air conditioning, bags furniture, furniture, accessories and more.
  • Email ID- connect to them via londonuk1852@gmail.com
  • Company Address- United Kingdom ,England, CV3P 7DX, 60 Market Way.
  • Contact Number-+447360 253778
  • Return Policy – They’ve guaranteed the right to return within 30 days.
  • Refund Policy – Refunds will be processed according to the payment method used originally.
  • Exchange PolicyKnow through Tanimauk Review only damaged or defective items are eligible for exchange.
  • Newsletter There was no newsletter discovered.

If you don’t wish to be a victim of a scam site, make sure you look at for both positive and negative points of the website.

Positive Aspects of Tanimauk

  • A variety of products are offered.
  • The website uses the same Url and Portal names.
  • This site is protected with the HTTPS protocol as well as SSL integration.
  • Discounts are offered.

Negative Aspects of Tanimauk

  • There isn’t any owner information on the site.
  • The website has a very short life span.
  • The absence of social media accounts.
  • Contact Information appears to be fake.
  • The newsletter isn’t available.
  • There aren’t any customer reviews currently available.

Is Tanimauk Legit? Or A Scam

Certain legitimacy aspects of this site must be taken into account when checking the validity of a site. Therefore, we will go over the factors to consider. Do not be oblivious to reading it.

  • Website Foundation Date – The site was created on the 4th of April, 2022. It is an untrustworthy and young site.
  • Expiry Date This website will be in effect 2023/04/03.
  • Policies The policies are clearly stated.
  • Content Quality The About Us Content is 94% copied from other sites.
  • Address Authenticity Physical address isn’t authentic.
  • Owner Identity The owner’s identity information is available.
  • Customer Feedback – There was not a single customer review was located.
  • The Social Media Preference There are no account on social networks found on the site have been created yet.
  • Trust ScoreHTML0 Trust Score Review on Tanimauk reviews to see that the score of trust for this website is only one percent, which is lower than average.
  • Trust RankTrust The rank is 26.7 percent, which is a low rank.
  • DiscountsDiscounts Discounts are available.

Customer Thoughts

Based on our investigation, we could not find any reviews from customers on this website. There aren’t any review reviews available on TrustPilot or elsewhere. Additionally, no review based on an article is offered, and there are no reviews are made on this site. As we all know, there are no social media accounts available, and therefore, there are no comments on their pages. This could be an enormous disadvantage since customer reviews are an essential factor in evaluating a site’s. If you’re looking to receive an refund through PayPal and Tanimauk, look here for Tanimauk Review.

Wrapping Up

Tanimauk Tanimauk operates an on-line shop that sells AC bags, AC furniture, and furniture and more. It was established in 2022. There aren’t any Social media profiles. The website does not provide accurate contact details, as well as the score for trust is lower than the average. One of the main factors it does not have is customer reviews. We could conclude that the website is not reliable. You can also keep an eye out for any future references.If you’re looking for to get a reimbursement via credit card go here to check.

Folks If you have any ideas or queries, leave a comment for us via the comment box below or via Tanimauk Review.