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Data Management and Analytics: Saras analytics or are two of the most prominent multinational software companies that make data science and analysis accessible to any company with a special focus for SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises). Data is an important strategic asset and the company puts it to maximum use for its clients.

The Leading Platform for Data Management and Analytics

Halo and Daton are the main products of this company. Daton is a data pipeline. This tool can be used to quickly consolidate and store commerce, analytics, and marketing data.

Halo is an ecommerce intelligence and platform. All of your ecommerce insights and reports can be delivered to one platform, without you having to write a single line of code. You can set up Halo in just 5 minutes.

Saras offers a number of useful services, in addition to Daton and Halo. First, Analytic solutions. Analytic solutions can be deployed without having to build them from scratch. This is true even if you are not an expert in Machine Learning (ML).

Other services include BI, Analyst, and Custom ETL (Extract Transform and Lead). High-quality services such as Analyst, ETL Development and BI help solve the last-mile data challenges.

Saras is a data management and predictive analytics company that was established to solve all your data problems. The company’s goal is to foster data-driven decision making for SMEs. The company strives to provide high-quality services and products at very affordable prices in all its endeavors.

Saras is named after Crane, a Sanskrit term for bird. This is an Indian mythological species that is highly revered for its ability to fly at high altitudes and migrate to different continents. It can fly high altitudes, migrate across continents, and adapt to changing conditions. It’s agile, dynamic, and a great team player. It can fly in formation over long distances. Saras strives to achieve such qualities as dynamism and adaptability, flexibility, strength, and flexibility.

Sarahs had high expectations and put in a lot of hard work to achieve them. They work across borders and are flexible and agile in pursuing the main goal of every company, which is to achieve successful outcomes.

Their operating model is simple. All their products and solutions are easy to use and sign up. They offer both subscriptions and one-time service options for their products and solutions.

They know that no single solution is the best. A talented team of data scientists, customer service representatives and data analysts supports the services and products offered by the company. They can also engage with customers based on demand.

Saras provides analyst services upon request for on-site, off-site and blended solutions. Off-shore services offer experienced resources at a fraction the cost of normal salaries. On-site resources can be accessed in the same time zone and are available depending on the engagement. For projects that require multiple resources, the Saras team recommends using blended resources to achieve successful outcomes.

The superheroes of Saras are Daton, Halo and Halo. Daton can be unleashed to open up a world of possibilities. Data warehouses have been the foundation of enterprise reporting and analytics for decades. Daton gives all clients the ability to control their data. Daton offers solutions such as ML, Agile Analytics and Data Warehouse.

Data warehouse is the foundation for decision support. Data warehouse stores historical data across an organization and processes it. It also allows for the creation of dashboards, reports and business analysis using the data. Your data warehouse can be used for many purposes, including consolidation of sales, predictive analysis, marketing performance analysis, and enterprise reporting.

Daton can be useful for many reasons. Every company that is open to the idea of data warehouses has been able to access them through public clouds. Saras made it easy to move data from one place to another.

Daton doesn’t require any programming; it was designed for data analysts and data engineers to take over the tedious tasks of data engineering so they can focus on providing insights for businesses. Daton is transparent and avoids any obfuscation. This allows for visibility into every job as well as the work done by each job of replicating.

Daton requires no data loss and is low-maintenance. Daton can handle the maintenance of your pipelines and you can rest assured that all replication jobs will be done correctly. It ensures consistency of data. This tool automatically corrects any errors and notifies you if additional input is required.

Halo offers suites such as Amazon ads, Amazon Business reports and Amazon consolidated reports. It also features suites such as Amazon sponsored brands, Amazon Sponsored Display, Amazon sponsored products, Capillary BigCommerce, Excel Addin, Facebook ads, Facebook Product Feed, Google Analytics, Google Analytics audit app, Google Shopping Feeds, Magento, Shopify Reports, and Amazon Ads.

Saras is a single source for all your reporting, ETL and analytics needs. It also offers BI development services. Do you feel stressed and harassed when it comes to consolidating Excel sheets and building reports?

Saras offers BI a service that automates reporting tasks and prepares data without any manual effort. Saras offers data modeling, dashboarding, reporting, custom ETL development, and use of Dropbox or Google drive.

Data modeling is the preparation of data for various analytics and reporting purposes. As a business is constantly changing, reporting is essential. To push data from an app or database to your warehouse, custom ETL must be developed.

Information about the company

Saras Analytics, or, is a well-known company that provides data management and analysis services. It allows companies to access data science, particularly for SMEs.