Travel Vlogging Made Easy in 3 Simple Steps


There is nothing quite as exciting as vlogging when it comes to sharing places you’ve traveled to. While you can always blog about your journeys and take still shots of interesting sights you’ve seen, it isn’t quite the same as video blogging or vlogging as they call it. It’s a way to bring your audience along with you as you explore new places. With all that in mind, wouldn’t you like to start your very own vlog? Think of it as just another journey you are about to embark on and one you can gladly share with the followers you are soon to gather.

Step 1: Pick a Niche

While traveling is the main thrust of your vlog, you will want to narrow the field down a bit. For example, maybe you take family vacations to new places every year with the kids. Or maybe you like camping or traveling abroad. Narrow down your field a bit so that you can name your vlog.

Also, as you take those videos, you will want to be able to edit them before posting them at some point. This is best done if possible while you are still nearby in case you need a ‘retake’ before you move on. You will want a good gaming Chromebook because the CPU speed is conducive to streaming videos and you will generally have at least 8Mbs of RAM. It’s also a light enough laptop to carry along with you in a backpack if necessary and doesn’t require a lot of space.

Step 2: Choose a Channel

Once you’ve chosen your niche, named your vlog, and edited those videos, it’s time to upload them, but where? This is super important. While you can always create a website for your vlog, you may also want to upload a few of your best videos to YouTube where they are most likely to be found. 

Did you know that YouTube is not only one of the top social sites but is the second most visited search engine behind only Google? If you want your videos to be found, this is a good place to start. The next and final step will explain a bit about making that happen.

Step 3: Tell the World Where to Find You

When you upload your videos to YouTube, for example, you will want to use a few hashtags and some search engine optimized keywords that people might be looking for. For example, you went camping with the kids in Yellowstone. You could list it as “family camping in Yellowstone” or simply “Yellowstone camping.” Those would be the keywords used in descriptive content and also with hashtags. This is how people might search.

Although you are limited to a 3-minute video on TikTok, that would also be a great place to advertise your vlog site. Hashtags work well with TikTok as well but the one thing to remember on either site is that you can point people to your vlog with links they can click on. This will open a browser window and within milliseconds you’ll have instant traffic! Don’t forget, you can also monetize your vlog which can bring in enough revenue to fund your next trip. Wouldn’t that be nice?