What To Do If Your Home Has Lost Power


When your home loses power you may wonder what to do. Not knowing what to do in the event of a power outage means you could be left in the dark for a long time. However, there are some things you can do to help you the next time your home loses power. 

Work Out Why The Power Went Out 

In some cases, a power outage could be caused by a power line coming down. Other causes could include floods or fires. 

If there’s no clear indication as to why the power is out, here’s what you can do:

  • Get a flashlight and switch it on
  • Take a look at the breakers in your electric panel
  • If a breaker has tripped in will be located in the opposite direction to the others 
  • Flip the breaker to see if it restores power 

If the power is not restored or the breaker keeps tripping get help from your local electrician services. An electrician can safely deal with the issue ensuring it’s unlikely to occur again. 

Use Your Backup Generator 

Some homes have a backup or stand-by generator. If your home has a generator it’s likely that it will kick in when the mains power goes off. The generator is likely to power some if not all of the lighting in your home. It may also power some of your essential appliances such as your refrigerator and other appliances. 

If you don’t have a backup generator, now’s the time to consider buying one. Hook it up to your home’s electrical supply if you know how to. 

Switch Off Some Of Your Appliances 

When your power comes back on there could be a big surge in electricity. There’s always a risk that this surge in electricity could damage some of your appliances. 

Consider switching off your televisions, games consoles, laptops, and anything else you’re concerned about. 

When the power comes back on it’s likely that being careful will help. Switch off those appliances that you don’t need to have on. 

Be Prepared 

The best way to deal with a power outage is to be prepared for it. This can be easier said than done at times. However, being even the slightest bit prepared can make the power outage easier to deal with. 

Consider packing a bag or filling a box with at least 2 flashlights and spare batteries. Add some matches and candles as well as a candlestick. You may also want to consider adding power banks for your cell phones. Don’t forget to add some cables so you can attach your power banks to your phones. 

Finally, have some bottled water to hand, and some food in cans, and a can opener. Add a fire extinguisher and a first aid kit to your emergency bag/box, if you can. 

If your home has lost power you may start to panic. However, the above tips can help you to get through the power outage and deal with any issues that may arise.