Which is Good for Health RO or Normal Purified Water?


Before we get into the discussion, let’s have a piece of comprehensive knowledge about RO and its function. RO or Reverse Osmosis is the pioneer of modern water filtration technology. To have a fair understanding of the functionality of a RO, first, you need to understand the naturally occurring process of osmosis. 

Reverse Osmosis Functionality

Osmosis is a phenomenon, created through natural sources and is one of the most significant natural processes. Examples of osmosis include water absorption by plant roots from the earth and by human kidneys from the blood.

As the name suggested, it is the process of osmosis in reverse. In the Reverse Osmosis configuration, a thin Film Composite, a semipermeable membrane, catches bigger, dangerous particles like lead, mercury, silt, and other impurities, leaving only clean and filtered drinking water behind. RO system ensures the elimination of all types of impurities from water. 

Reverse osmosis works by employing a high-pressure pump to increase pressure on the salt side of the RO and drive the water past the semi-permeable RO membrane, leaving nearly all (about 95% to 99%) of the dissolved salts behind in the reject stream. Depending on how much salt is in the supply of water, different pressure levels are needed.

Now, let’s have the insides of normal purified water. Normal purified water is washed through metal (Ion exchange is commonly used to prepare purified water). It might seem clear, but the issue with drinking tap water is that it contains dangerous chemicals and inorganic substances like lead, which, when consumed in excess, can result in increasing and causing blood pressure- and other health issues.  

How Ro purifier helps improve water drinking safety?

Due to environmental contamination and the depletion of natural resources, it is necessary to remove these toxins from our drinking water through a proper method. Unlock the normally purified water, RO can provide added benefits and make the water completely safe. Here are some notable points that make RO better than normal water. 

1. Erase Bacterias

Around 97 per cent of remaining bacteria, viruses and other materials might seriously harm your health. These can be removed by a RO like Pureit Classic Nxt RO+MF Water Purifier. This purifier also gets rid of microparticles that are smaller than 10 microns. Which distinguishes it from other similar products available in the Market. 

2. Prevents Chlorine Exposure 

Chlorine is mostly used as a purifying component in tap water. This practice is becoming more common among municipal water suppliers. But chlorine also poses some serious health concerns to human health. If you opt for the Pureit Copper+RO range then you don’t have to worry about getting exposed to chlorine consumption. Through 7 stages of purification along with the power of copper, this RO range not only makes the water chemical free but also medically beneficial.

3. Taste-treated:

According to the CWC, tap water travels through miles of old lead pipes or is suspended in subterranean reservoirs for the majority of the time. As a result, as it travels, it gathers up unfavourable flavours and odours that are then transferred to you when you drink it. Because of how sensitive our bodies are to taste and scent, bottled water is a common substitute. There is a myth that clean water doesn’t taste good or doesn’t have any flavour. A well-configured RO, for example, Pureit Advanced Pro Mineral RO adds a delightful taste while making it clean. 


As a quick and practical way to always have filtered water on hand, many people buy single-use bottles. However, if you end up relying too heavily on water sold in individual containers for all of your needs, the drawbacks can exceed the benefits. Consistently purchasing single-use water bottles for everyday use may be harmful to the environment. RO not only provides safe water but also saves time. 

There is no hustle or refilling the water pitcher. With RO there is no requirement for single-use water. While taking care of your health it takes care of the environment too. RO water purifier is a smart and fruitful investment considered by many households. If you install a RO system in your house, you will always have access to cleaner, thirst-quenching water. As a result, there will be fewer trips to the shop and less money spent on water bottles or pitcher filters that are single-use. Not only are you saving money when you purchase a RO system, but you are also saving time. 

Simply turn on your faucet to get ready for cooking or fill a glass with dependable water to drink. Life is that easy with a RO. Reverse osmosis is a remarkable technological advancement that is known for allowing the industrial treatment of contaminated waste and the provision of fresh water from seawater in places of the world where water is scarce. When the need calls for it, it might also be a good option for clean household water.