14 Amazing Home Storage Ideas for New Homeowners


Organizing the space in your home can become difficult if your home is small or you have to deal with a ton of items. However, following the fourteen simple tips mentioned in this blog can help you declutter your home the right way – let’s dive in!

  1. Start with your garage

The best way to store all items smartly in your home is by utilizing your garage. You can try many techniques to sort your items and store them in your garage with little to no effort. 

Contrary to what most people think, you don’t necessarily have to hire a professional to manage your garage. Simple items can help you get the most out of your garage storage. For example, you can use overhead storage systems like Tote Slide Product to utilize the overhead space and use it for storing items. 

  1. Get rid of useless items

You don’t necessarily have to keep every item you’ve bought over the years. No matter how much free space you have in your home, if you don’t get rid of old items, you won’t be able to declutter your home. 

The “One in, one out” rule can help you remove unwanted items from your home over time. All you need to do is give out one item whenever you buy a new item. Doing so will help you maintain the balance of new and old products and make organizing items easier. 

  1. Label all your items

If you have a lot of items in your home, then the best way to organize them is using a labeling technique. Proper labeling allows you to identify items for later use. Labeling all the items in your home is not as difficult as you might think.

A simple permanent marker can allow you to label items so you can access them easily. Other than that, you can use stickers to label the items you use regularly. Different-colored storage bins can also help you identify your items in no time. 

  1. Buy square containers

Most of us have round containers in our homes for storing items. Although round containers look elegant and enhance the appeal of your home, they are not space-efficient. It’s better to use square containers in your home as they enable you to get the most out of your space. 

Square containers can fit against the walls and provide more free storage. You can easily buy square containers online or from any brick-and-mortar store in your area. 

  1. Invest in baskets

One of the simplest ways to keep your home organized is to use baskets. Woven or plastic baskets can be placed nicely in any part of your home. These baskets allow you to “virtually” store any item you use regularly. You should have small baskets in all rooms of your home so you can keep your items organized. 

  1. Organize your kitchen

Your home won’t look clean and organized if your kitchen is untidy. It’s your job to ensure that you store all items in your kitchen properly to avoid clutter. 

Kitchen management is not difficult at all. You can get started by removing any items from your kitchen cabinets that you will not use all year round. Place those items in your kitchen that you will use regularly and get rid of any “seasonal” items. 

  1. Store toys carefully

Your home will always look cluttered if you have toys scattered throughout your home. It’s your job to ensure that all the toys are put in one place. 

You should put small baskets in your kids’ rooms and encourage them to store the toys when they don’t need them. Labeling the toys can also make it easier for you to organize all the toys in no time. 

  1. Keep your bathroom tidy

The buildup in your bathroom can make your home look untidy. You should start by organizing your bathroom before you move on to making any huge changes to your home. 

For example, you can use a simple cabinet to store all your bathroom essentials. Make sure you dump the empty bottles in your bathroom that you will not use.

  1. Think about your bedroom

You won’t be able to achieve peace of mind if your bedroom looks cluttered and untidy. You need to remove any items from your bedroom that you will not use. Use small baskets and cabinets to keep all the items in place. Ensure you avoid buying furniture items that don’t fit properly in your bedroom. 

  1. Conceal the clutter

You don’t necessarily have to “throw out” every single item that you don’t use regularly. It’s better to learn how you can conceal unwanted items so they don’t make your home look untidy. Buy closed storage pieces that hide away all the mundane items. 

  1. Use hooks smartly

The presence of hooks on your walls can allow you to smartly store small items like hats. Hooks on the walls or at the back of the doors ensure that your beanies or baseball hats don’t get lost. Using a drill machine, you can easily install hooks on your walls or at the back of your door. 

  1. Remove some decorative items

Not all decorative items add value to your home. You should evaluate the decorative items hanging on your walls or placed on your tables to check which items can be removed. Buy smaller decorative items that don’t clutter up your place. 

  1. Organize your bookshelf

Your bookshelf can look untidy if you don’t categorize the books. Remember that you don’t need old newspapers or magazines on your bookshelf. It’s better to review your bookshelf to check which books or printed materials you can throw out. Doing so will ensure that you can easily find your favorite book on your bookshelf whenever you need them. 

  1. Involve your family members

You don’t have to work alone to keep your home decluttered. It’s better to involve all your family members in decluttering, so you don’t get exhausted. Make a “decluttering” routine and assign difficult tasks to your family members to keep your home organized and tidy.