2022 Best Gambling Books


Like gambling videos, books on gambling can help gamblers to find inspiration and introduce them to new methods and strategies. The following gambling books will teach you more about gambling history and give you an overview of popular casino games and their rules. 

One tells the story of the professor who invented card counting. Another is one of the best books ever written about poker. Sometimes these books don’t make their way into the bestseller lists, but gamblers will appreciate them for the insights they offer. There is also information that will be useful to gamblers of all ages and at all levels. 

Scarne’s Complete Guide to Gambling 

John Scarne has written an interesting book that will be especially useful for beginners. It gives a good overview of online gaming. You will learn about the history and rules of the most popular casino games. There is some math you can use in gambling and several tips. 

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Roll the Bones 

This book by David G Schwartz gives the history of gambling from the Stone Age to the internet era. It explains how gambling evolved with human civilization and influences it. The book’s title comes from the fact that humans used to roll knucklebones in prehistoric times. He traces gaming through civilizations and investigates the invention of playing cards in twelfth-century China. The book shows humanity’s fascination with games of chance. This book could just become the “gold standard” of gambling history. One of the things to enjoy is that it is packed with colorful characters and enjoyable anecdotes. 

A Man for all Markets

This book by Edward E. Thorp is a true story about how the card-counting math professor beat the dealer and the markets. The book is not only thrilling intellectually but gives practical wisdom. He launched a gambling renaissance and caused such a stir that casinos barred him from their premises. After that, he turned his sights to Wall Street, using his math formulas to beat the market. It’s a book that challenges readers to think logically in a world that seems irrational. People may make some lifestyle changes after reading this book. 

The Biggest Game in Town

This gambling classic by Al Alvarez is regarded by many as one of the best books ever written about the game of poker. Alvarez was a poet, novelist, critic and essayist. The book is set during one tournament and is both a chronicle of World Series of Poker and a picture of the madmen and hustlers who ruled the high-stakes game in America.   

The book gives some insight into the psychology of gambling and what it means to be a professional gambler. It’s a poetic snapshot of a fascinating time in American history. You will get some insight into the appeal of poker as a hobby, an addiction and a way of life.