4 Ideas for Movie Lovers


There is no fanatic quite as passionate as a movie fan. They constantly quote their favorite movies, and they can discuss every shot of those films at great length. If they are a fan of a certain franchise, they can give you an opinion on every casting decision. 

If a movie lover you know has a birthday coming up, or if you are looking for the perfect holiday gift to give them. There are a few ideas you should consider before you begin shopping.

  1. Movie Memorabilia 

Nothing will thrill the film fan in your life the way that a piece of movie memorabilia will. Websites like eBay will often auction off trinkets from classic films. The website autographia.com offers signed memorabilia from some of Hollywood’s biggest stars. Imagine how much a Star Wars fan would like a gold bikini top signed by Carrie Fisher herself or a lightstick with Mark Hamill’s name on it.

  1. Scripts, Biographies, and Memoirs

Classic movie fans love a good yarn. They want to know what things were really like on the set of “The Misfits” or “The Godfather.” There have been many books written about the days of old Holywood. If you look online, you are certain to find a book about the making of their favorite film. 

Larry Edmunds Bookshop in Los Angeles has many books about old Hollywood. They offer old magazines, posters, and even paper doll cut-out books of old celebrities. They offer scripts from the American Film Institute’s top 100 films. For under $20, you can get a film fan a copy of their favorite classic film script. It will contain directors’ notes and even script changes.

  1. T-shirts, Hats, and Mugs

Some of the best gift ideas are the simplest. If you do not have a ton of money to spend, a movie fan will always be thrilled to get a shirt or mug of their favorite film. You can find these things online or in any number of stores.

If you want the gift to be something special, you can make a shirt, hat, or mug for them. There are several T-shirt printing companies online that will allow you to create the perfect top. Just visit the website of an on-demand printing company and upload your original design. 

You can put an image from a movie on a shirt or mug or use a famous quote. If you do not have a design, you can use online tools to create one. 

A true film fan will be impressed if you use a rather obscure quote or reference on your shirt. Use a quote from a minor character or use an image of a product that the hero of the film favored. When people who love the same movie see the shirt, it is certain to be an instant conversation starter.

  1. Movie Blankets

Big velvet blankets with images of film stars have been popular for years. You can find them at street festivals and online as well. The blankets are very warm and cozy, and they last forever.

One drawback is that there are a limited number of stars who warrant their own blanket. Covers with images of Elvis and Marilyn may be abundant, but you may not be able to find an image of your friend’s favorite heartthrob. 

Fortunately, the same on-demand printing companies that offer custom t-shirts also offer the ability to make custom blankets. If someone is more of a fan of Tom Waits than Tom Cruise, or if they prefer Meryl Streep to Marilyn Monroe, you can let them cuddle up with the celebrity of their dreams with a custom-made blanket.

When you give a great gift, the person will think about you every time they look at it. When your birthday rolls around, they will want to get you something that is just as nice.