Celebrities with high IQ


IQ stands for Intelligence Quotient. There is an opinion that people with a high IQ should become scientists or researchers. In practice, this is not always confirmed. But there is no denying that IQ helps a person to be successful in various professions that cannot be attributed to academic. Psychologists believe that IQ https://iq-test-international.org/eng_test has a beneficial effect on health and prolongs life.

IQ Test Results

Nature has endowed people with various mental abilities. Life makes adjustments to the intellectual development of the individual. Professions related to mental work can increase IQ. But high intelligence is also demonstrated by people engaged in routine work.

Psychologist Stanford Binet has identified seven ranges of mental level. According to his classification, people have the following IQ indicators:

  • up to 70 − weak mind;
  • 70-79 − level, bordering on dementia;
  • 80-89 − stupidity;
  • 90-109 − average level of mind;
  • 110-119 − excellent intelligence;
  • 120-140 − very high intelligence;
  • above 140 − genius or almost genius.

Which celebrity has a high IQ

In society, there is an opinion that even famous artists do not shine with a high level of intelligence. Studies show the fallacy of this view. Checking a number of Hollywood stars and pop artists on IQ showed that many have high scores. Let’s take the most popular celebrities.


Fans of the singer may have heard about the brilliant level of her intelligence. A high IQ of 140 makes the actress one of the most intellectually developed representatives of show business. This gives her the opportunity to stay first among the best singers for a long time, to create albums with record sales.

Natalie Portman

Natalie is well known as a theater and film actress, director, screenwriter and producer. But the range of her interests is wider. Few people know that Portman:

  • graduated in 2003 from Harvard University and received a bachelor’s degree in psychology;
  • speaks five languages;
  • co-authored two research papers published in scientific journals.

Natalie Portman’s IQ is also 140.

Quentin Tarantino

This film director created masterpieces of world cinema. But he didn’t even finish high school, dropping out at the age of 15. What’s more, Tarantino didn’t even go to college. His success is explained by the phenomenal IQ of 160.


Singer and actress is better known for her beautiful voice, excellent figure and incendiary dances.  In fact, Shakira speaks seven languages, writes her own songs. This isn’t surprising: her IQ is 140.


Perhaps few people would have known about Arnold’s high IQ if he had not become a successful politician. After all, for most of his life he played on the screen muscular men who did not shine with their minds. Meanwhile, Schwarzenegger’s IQ is 135.