5 Types Of Cardio Sports Apart From Running

Types Of Cardio Sports Apart From Running
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Cardio or cardiovascular exercise is the most popular sport in the community. One of the most popular cardio sports is running. But for those who don’t like it, they can choose other types of cardio besides running to maintain fitness.

Cardio is easy to do because it has rhythmic and regular movements. The result is this exercise can increase heart rate and lose weight significantly. This exercise can also trigger the contraction of the body’s muscles and improve blood circulation.

Types of cardio exercise

Sports Well, all the benefits of cardio exercise mentioned above you can get by running. But for those of you who don’t like this trending sport, you can choose other cardio sports.

Jump rope

Jumping rope or skipping is a sport that is easy to do and can be done anywhere. The only tool needed is a rope. Jumping rope is the same as 30 minutes of jogging. There is also a study that states that the calories burned by skipping for 10 minutes are equivalent to the calories burned when running 1.6 km in 8 minutes.

Because it burns more calories than most other aerobic exercises, skipping is perfect for people who want to maintain their ideal weight. Not only that, but jumping rope is also suitable for those of you who are undergoing a diet program to lose weight.


Boxing is indeed a sport that is increasingly popular among the public. In addition to being a cardio sport that has a lot of fans, boxing can also help speed up calorie burning.

In addition, boxing is also a physical activity that trains the upper arm muscles to be stronger. As a sports activity that is fun, challenging, and effective for weight loss, boxing involves moving the body at a fast tempo.


There are several types of exercise that you can do at home. Dance exercises such as Zumba or Kegel exercises. Both are cardio exercises that can help you lose weight and strengthen muscles in the waist and arms. Even one of the benefits of Kegel exercises can be maintaining health.

Kegel exercises at least three times a day, and your muscles will be trained to be tighter. The result is a decrease in muscle strength. Cenforce 100 and Vidalista 60 can be solving Ed.

Moving Planks

Planks are another cardio exercise that you can do at home. Planks are good for strengthening the midsection and improving posture. You can also improve your back, arms, shoulders, buttocks, and thighs through planks.

Prepare a mat that is the appropriate length for your height. Avoid doing planks on a floor that has not been fitted with a mat to avoid the risk of slipping and injury.


Cycling or spin bike can also be an option for other cardio exercises. When you ride a exercise bike you use almost all of the major muscle groups in your body. By cycling, your breathing and body muscles will be trained.

To get the maximum benefit, you can do 20 to 60 minutes of cardio exercise every day. Although calories are usually burned in the 20th minute, you should continue to do cardio until the 60th minute to lose weight.

When doing cardio, increase the intensity little by little. For example, if you choose to walk for your cardio workout, try to increase the number of minutes you walk in each session. The safest general rule for increasing intensity per session is 10% per week. Vidalista 20, Cenforce 200, Aurogra 100, Fildena 100, Super p force to improve physical health.

After the core workout is done, don’t forget to cool down for 5-10 minutes (same as the warm-up at the start of the workout). And wait until the heart rate is more stable. After that, do a gentle stretch of the muscle. Do not immediately lie down or sit with legs folded before cooling down properly to minimize the risk of muscle soreness after cardio exercise.