NextGen EMR vs Athena EHR: Two Intuitive Solutions!


NextGen and Athena are two proficient EMR solutions maintaining a sustainable position in the industry. They rose to the heights of glory by turning down all groundless rumors. These EHR platforms are shaping the technological landscape of the healthcare industry. Effortlessly dealing with all the clinical inefficiencies and incompetence’s, Athena EHR and NextGen EMR help physicians experience streamlined workflow.

Aside from all this, there arises a million-dollar question. Which EMR to choose among NextGen vs Athena? There’s no way to get a straightforward answer as there’s a full-fledged comparison process to follow. But to your luck, we underwent the entire process to save you time. Here’s a to-the-point NextGen EMR vs Athena EHR comparison guide for your assistance. So, get into the analytic mode and analyze the critical aspects of these solutions with a clear mind,

NextGen vs Athena: A One-on-one Comparison:

Athena EHR Medical Software:

Athena EHR Reviews:

According to the Athena EMR reviews gathered from credible websites, our skilled team has curated the following merits and demerits.


Care Coordination: Athena EHR reviews believe that it nurtures seamless care coordination across the healthcare ecosystem.

Multitasking: This impressive solution allows multitasking. Clients can open multiple tabs at once to get done with the tasks readily and efficiently, leaving no loose ends.

Document Management: Reviews of Athena EHR portray it as a fully-functional platform for clinical documentation management. In addition, there are services like voice transcription, document scanning, etc to aid medical professionals.

Revenue Booster: Clients using Athenahealth EHR say that a significant improvement in the revenue comes in handy with this credible solution. It does so by eliminating error-induced elements from the billing and claims cycle.


Support: No doubt Athenahealth EHR provided end-to-end customer support. But it sucks when it comes to the support for surgery centers. As per Athena EHR reviews, the support is non-existent.

Athenahealth EHR Demo:

After reading about the benefits of Athena EHR, you might be interested in getting hands-on experience. Even though you can’t get one, you can get a real-time experience by scheduling a demo with the Athena medical software. The tutorials of this vendor are embellished with to-the-point details of all its impeccable services. Watching the demo of Athenahealth EHR is just like getting a bird’s eye view into its functioning. You can assess the demo in light of your clinical needs.

Athena EHR Pricing:

As we all know, Athena EHR is referred to as a budget-friendly solution. There’s one solid reason for that, which is the price tag of Athena medical software. Athena offers a one-in-a-kind pricing model and thus is one step ahead in the market. The vendor knows what the customer desires and therefore has adopted a suitable pricing strategy to meet their expectations.

It practices a percentage-based pricing strategy so users can get the most for half the pricing compared to other vendors. This strategy is best known for maximizing the revenue collection of healthcare practices. Here’s the catch, even the percentage Athena EHR charges is not fixed. It is set according to the custom-built pricing plans for individual clients.

NextGen EMR Medical Software:

NextGen EMR Software Reviews:

Based on the reviews left by the users on credible websites, these are the following pros and cons of NextGen EMR Software.


Patient Satisfaction: With innovative services like NextPen, and virtual visits, NextGen EMR gives clients the idea that physicians care for them. And it then improves their satisfaction rate.

Financial Management: NextGen software reviews illustrate how highly clinicians think of its financial services. Also, it improves the financial health of practices with data-driven financial insights.

Smooth Data Exchange: Reviews state that NextGen EMR software earns quite a reputation for its electronic data interchange service. It works like an encrypted data-sharing network.

Analytics: Conducting thorough data analytics, the software leverages real-time insights to evaluate clinical performance. This service is among one of the top-rated services of NextGen software as per the reviews.


Performance: Aside from the learning curve, the vendor hinders providers’ performance as its interface is not so responsive. Quality improvement is required in this context.

NextGen Demo:

Like Athena, NextGen EMR also offers a cost-free demo. Focusing on fine detailing of its elegant functionalities, NextGen puts forth an informative demo for clients. It touches on almost all the aspects of this credible vendor so clients can know if NextGen is a worth-investing option. Clients, having watched the NextGen demo, praise it for the way it highlights its specs. You can even evaluate the level of usability of the services of NextGen EMR by keenly evaluating the demo. Also, you will get to know if the vendor is up to your expectations or not.

NextGen Pricing:

You might already know that NextGen EMR has not shared its pricing plans. But as we mentioned above, it caters to the needs of all sized-practices. In this regard, NextGen offers two different EHR products with different feature sets and pricing ranges.

One is the NextGen Office. It’s dedicated to small practices. It is packed with intuitive EHR, practice management, and RCM functionalities and charges accordingly.

The second is the NextGen Enterprise pricing plan, built for enterprise-scale practices. It includes tech-savvy services like MirthConnect, and NextPen, and offers a Health Data Hub for physicians.

It’s a common evaluation that the price range of NextGen Office and NextGen Enterprise may vary considerably. But for making a purchasing decision, you must request a quote.

Final Thoughts:

There’s no way we can decide between NextGen vs Athena EHR for you. What we can do is empower you with first-hand knowledge to help you make an informed decision. That’s what we did in this NextGen vs Athena comparison. Let’s cut down on the chase by saying that both are tech-savvy solutions. NextGen EMR tops the chart for featuring two different EHR products for small and large-sized practices. And Athena scores the ground by providing a percentage-based payment collection method. So, if you want the best price for your bucks, Athena EMR is your best bet. But, if you are seeking technology-intensive services, we recommend NextGen EMR.