7 Things You Can Try Adding to Your Music or Recording Room


Crafts can come in different forms and mediums. Some are in the form of visual arts, such as paintings, drawings, and sculptures. Other forms of craft are performing arts, including dancing and acting. These kinds of crafts let us express ourselves, provide an artistic outlet, and also serve as enjoyable hobbies. Music is also another kind of craft. For some, it is an enjoyable hobby, while for others, it is a means of income or profession. Many aspiring and professional musicians have a room strictly designated for practicing, making, and perfecting music.

If you plan to make a music or recording room, it may be overwhelming what you should add, especially if you are a newbie. But do not worry! From musical instruments to a sturdy record player stand, here are seven things you can try adding to your music or recording room.

  1. A musical instrument of your preference

Playing musical instruments is an enjoyable pastime. Whether you prefer calm and soothing classical music or aggressive and rowdy rock and metal, there is satisfaction and enjoyment when playing a music genre you love. And if you love playing an instrument, you can try placing it in your music room.

Try placing your string or wind instruments on a stand or wall mount. If you prefer large musical instruments, such as a grand piano or a drum set, ensure your room has enough space to accommodate it. And if you are wealthy or lucky enough to purchase an iconic or rare musical instrument, try placing it inside a display case to show it off. Make sure to regularly tune your musical instruments and remove any dust they accumulate!

  1. Soundproof wall panels

Let us face it: a room with musical instruments can be loud many times. There may be instances when you want to practice or record music but end up bothering the other people at home. To deal with these noise problems, you can try adding soundproof wall panels in your room. 

These panels come in different forms and materials, with foam being a common choice. But if you are on a tight budget, you can try using egg trays as an alternative. And these panels not only lessen the sounds you produce but also reduce the noise outside, making it easier for you if you want to focus on your practice or recording session.

  1. A record player stand

Playing musical instruments and recording are not the only activities you can enjoy in your music room. Sometimes, it is relaxing and satisfying to do nothing, sit back, and listen to your favorite songs or artist. But even though it is soothing, your favorite records should be in a secure container. In cases like this, you need a sturdy record player stand.

Most record player stands and containers are wood, and some have steel or metal materials. These containers also vary in size and shape depending on your preferred pick. Make sure the record player stand you pick will not consume a lot of space in your room. 

  1. Recording equipment of your choice

This next entry on the list is a must-have if you plan to record and produce your original music. There is nothing wrong with recording music on your phone; it is an affordable option. But if you want to take your recording game to the next level, consider investing in some high-quality equipment.

Microphone, mixer, and audio interface are some of the many pieces of equipment that come into mind when you think of recording music. A computer and laptop can also help, especially when you plan to mix or edit your takes. Choose a brand or model of recording equipment well, and if you accompany it with practice, you can be a professional.

  1. Posters of your favorite artist

Everyone can use some inspiration in the world. Whether it is an athlete looking up to their favorite sports figure or a gamer admiring a champion in competitive esports, an inspiration is someone who inspires us to perfect our craft. And since music is a unique craft, try displaying posters of your favorite artist in your room to be inspired.

Display posters of your favorite artist based on the genre you love! You can try placing posters of iconic music icons, such as Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, The Beatles, The Notorious B.I.G., and many more. There is also no shame in displaying trendy pop artists or groups to show you are part of their fandom.

  1. LED lights

If you want to take a video of yourself playing a musical instrument in your room, this next item on the list can add some trendiness to your clip. Although you may associate LED lights mostly with streamers, you can add them to your recording room, giving your video a different aesthetic than without them.

But when you take a video of yourself in a room with LED lights, ensure you have proper lighting. LED lights work best in a fairly dim room, and you do not want a clip where you are barely visible. Try purchasing other alternatives, such as ring lights, so you can still be visible! 

  1. Your favorite vinyl albums

Posters are not the only sources of inspiration you can display in your music and recording room. Like artists, your favorite albums can also inspire you on what kind of atmosphere you should do as someone who enjoys making or covering music. And if you collect vinyl albums of your favorite artists, feel free to display them with your posters!

People may associate vinyl albums mostly with older or classic artists. But contrary to popular belief, some singers, bands, and songwriters currently release their unique vinyl albums. Do not forget to place these albums on a secure record player stand or case to stay in great shape.

In a Nutshell,

Music can be a fun outlet or means of expressing yourself. And although there is nothing wrong with casually playing music, designing your room can inspire you to perfect your craft. These seven things are only some of the many items you can put in your music or recording room. For more home tips, visit Storables.com.