9 Herbs that Treat your Damaged Hair in Natural Hair Colours


When it comes to our hair, we don’t want to take any risks and want something that naturally conditions them without further damage. Hair being sensitive gets damaged by scorching sun rays, pollution, dust and the chemicals we use in our daily shampoos or colour dyes. But do you know that there are some natural herbs available in the market that not only condition your damaged hair but also colour them? No, this is not being said lightly. If you are thinking about how colouring your hair can be safe as well as nourishing for your hair at the same time, then the answer is “organic henna hair dye”. Made with natural and essential herbs, this natural hair dye not only colours your hair but also protects them from further damage, while the goodness of natural herbs conditions your hair naturally.

9 herbs that treat damaged hair

While there are lots of natural herbs that effectively treat damaged hair. Let’s talk about the most popular 9 haircare herbs that can be gloriously used with an organic henna hair dye:

  1. Amla: A famous haircare fruit loaded with vitamin C and antioxidants, amla powder is used in an organic hair dye mixed with henna powder as a hair mask for its exceptional healing properties and benefits. amla;

    1. Nourishes the scalp to promote hair growth
    1. Removes dandruff and scalp itchiness
    1. Prevents premature greying
    1. Works as a natural hair conditioner to improve hair quality
  • Brahmi: Another herb with healing capabilities used to treat hair loss and hair damage. By working directly on the scalp, it makes your hair thicker and shinier by controlling hair loss and damage. It is used in a powder form to mix with henna powder for natural colouration or in shampoo for conditioning.
  • Colourless Henna: A well-known organic herb it is not really henna. It is a herbal medication that is used to cure many health issues. The peculiarity of this herb is that it gives all the benefits of henna, but without the stains of henna. So, those who want to benefit from henna, but do not want its colour, can use colourless henna (Cassia auriculata) instead. Its antimicrobial, astringent and antibacterial properties make it an ideal choice for hair conditioning. By nourishing the scalp, it prevents excess oil accumulations and thus controls dandruff, hair loss and hair damage problems.
  • Shikakai: Widely known as a natural hair conditioner, it is mostly used similarly as amla. It gently cleanses the scalp, prevents dandruff and promotes hair growth. It is generally present in any good organic henna hair dye to aid in colouring your hair naturally with added conditioning.
  • Manjishtha: It effectively works on the grey strands of hair to retain the natural colour of hair and also controls excess dryness, dandruff and hair fall.
  • Fenugreek or Methi: Fenugreek is used as a natural remedy for improving hair quality and conditioning hair at home. By soaking its seeds overnight and then grinding them, you can make a thin paste by adding some yoghurt to apply on hair for natural shine and smooth texture.
  • Indigo: Blue in colour, indigo is another botanical herb that is used in powder form and mixed with henna powder for hair colouring. It gives your hair a natural golden brown tone when applied with organic henna hair dye. It nourishes hair follicles from roots without damaging them and prevents premature greying. To get a rich black colour, it should be applied after henna powder.
  • Reetha: Commonly used for its anti-inflammatory properties, reetha can be really useful for your hair and thus also available in organic hair dye, shampoos and conditioners. It fights with bacterial infection to cleanse your scalp, prevents hair loss and controls dandruff.
  • Chamomile: Known for its soothing aroma, chamomile is used as a natural highlighter for hair. It nourishes the hair roots to encourage new hair growth and controls itchiness, dandruff and excess oil on the scalp.

All these natural herbs condition your damaged hair by working directly on your scalp and hair roots while also helping the henna to colour them. To get the benefit of all these essential herbs, you can buy Indus Valley Bio-Organic Henna Hair Dye. This organic and natural hair colour naturally colours your hair by providing the required nourishment and also available in various shades. It is also totally devoid of any chemicals, thus imparting healthy hair colouration.