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A serious collision involving two vehicles and a lorry was reported on the A127. Find out more information about the A127 Accident today.

Have you been aware of the recent four-mile traffic jam that swept the A127 roads? A127? Are you aware of the reason of this congestion?

This past Tuesday, an incident in Horndon, United Kingdom caused a huge disturbance to the locals. There was a line of traffic up to four miles! This is the incident that occurred in the A127 Accident today.

The tragic accident

A roadblock was reported on April 12th at around 8.45 am. This roadblock resulted from a truck and the car. On Tuesday, a car and a truck were involved in an collision in the A127 road. The result was a four-mile long traffic jams from A128 Tilbury Road(Halfway House roundabout Essex) up to the B148 West Mayne (Dunton Junction, Dunton Wayletts). The M25 J29 is a major congestion point. Drivers who were on the other side of the road confirmed that traffic was slowing on other side , too. Drivers faced long delays because of the block. Bypassers were shocked by the long lines of traffic.

A127 Car Crash TodayDid the traffic impacted by the crash return as normal?

Yes the traffic has returned to normal. In addition, the Southend Arterial Road Eastbound, that was closed for a while by authorities, from 8.45 morning on the Tuesday morning, is now open. The lorry-car accident investigation has been concluded. The road has been opened and traffic has been less crowded. Other than the inconvenience to the driver as well as the long-lasting delays, nothing else were affected by the incident. In addition, nobody was injured in the accident. The collision could have resulted in more serious harm, but it didn’t.

Investigation into the accident: What caused the A127 Accident of Today?

The crash was an accident involving two vehicles. Furthermore, the reason for the car and lorry crash is still to be determined. But, following an investigation of the scene of the crash, police found that there was no loss of life in the crash and nobody was hurt. The issue of traffic and blockage along the A127 road were resolved and removed. The A127 road is now back to normal. It is our only wish that there was not serious damage or losses to the vehicles and the owners of vehicles that were involved in the crash. With the growing use of transportation and communication, these awe-inspiring accidents and their repercussions are likely to occur. But, as citizens, we must take the highest degree of caution and adhere to all the traffic regulations to avoid accidents like the the A127 accident today..


A car and a lorry was involved in an auto accident in the early hours of Tuesday. The accident caused a significant traffic line along the A127 route toward Basildon near crossing the Laindon junction. The four-mile traffic jam was a blockade to from the A127 Southend Road, Eastbound. The ramifications of the incident remain unclear to date. There’s no further information on the consequences of the car accident.

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