Jada Pinkett Smith And August Alsina Relationship – What is Between Jada Pinkett And August Alsina? Find Here


Jada pinkett Smith’s relationship with August Alsina was an emotional rollercoaster. While initially secretive in nature, their relationship has ignited intense media discourse, sparked debates on love, marriage and personal boundaries. This exploration explores their journey and analyzes each pivotal moment.

Key Details

Time Period2015-2023
Initial MeetingJuly 2015
Relationship ConfirmationJada Jada Jada Jada Jada June 2020, July 2020
Controversies“Nunya” song, Red Table Talk episode
Recent DevelopmentsOctober 2023 public rendezvous

A Meeting and a Growing Connection

In July 2015, Jada and August’s worlds collided. The meeting was innocent at first, but it set the stage for a strong emotional connection. The two found comfort in each other despite the age difference and Jada’s marital status. Although initially platonic, their bonding would lead to passionate debates.

The Relationship Takes Off

In 2016, Jada’s relationship with Alsina grew into a romance as she struggled to overcome marital difficulties. While their relationship was intense, it remained discrete. Their shared moments between 2016 and 2018 were hidden from the public eye, but later became a talking point. Secrets surrounding their relationship fuelled both intrigue, and speculation.

“Nunya’s” Interview with Angela Yee: Hints, Revelations

Alsina released “Nunya” in April 2019, a song that was rife by allusions towards Jada. Rumors were fueled by the music video featuring a Jada-like actress. Alsina initially denied the romance, but the truth came out in June 2020. Alsina revealed their secret romance in a telling-all interview she gave to Angela Yee.

Red table talk: Jada’s admission

Red Table Talk’s July 2020 episode was explosive. Jada pinkett Smith, seated opposite her husband at the table, spoke about her “entanglement with Alsina”. She described their relationship as an intense, healing experience that was framed in the context of her separation from Will Smith. Many praised her candor, but it also attracted criticism.

Chris Rock Joke and Public Reaction

Chris Rock’s joke about Jada at the 94th Academy Awards caused a divided audience. Rock’s joke, while seemingly made in good fun, reaffirmed the public’s fascination about Jada and her personal life. The joke highlighted the public’s desire for more information about Jada’s and Alsina’s past.

Alsina’s perspective: Love, Betrayal and Healing

Alsina told a story of love, and the subsequent heartbreak that followed. He described his relationship with Jada to be genuine and he felt betrayed when she denied it at first. Alsina is seeking closure today, in order to move on and heal.

The Smiths’ marriage: From Turbulence To Reinforcement

Jada and Alsina’s relationship sent shockwaves but also highlighted the Smiths’ enduring marriage. They were open about their struggles and showed great strength. The couple emphasized their renewed bond and showed that even the greatest adversity can be overcome.

Recent Developments – A Dinner in LA

Jada and Alsina were reunited in public on October 20, 2023, sparking new debates. The dinner they shared in LA – their first public interaction since 2018 – reignited old questions. Are they only friends? Has the flame been reignited?

Jada and August Alsina’s story is more than a simple love story. The story touches on personal boundaries, marriage complexities, and challenges in public life. It is a story that offers a mirror for society to reflect on relationships, love and understanding.


  1. How were Jada pinkett Smith and August Alsina introduced?
    The couple met in 2015 and formed a bond that developed into a romantic relationship after Jada separated from her husband.
  2. When did Jada first confirm their relationship?
    Jada initially denied that she was involved with anyone, but on her Red Table Talk show, she later acknowledged the “entanglement”.
  3. What did the public know about their relationship?
    In a June 2020 Angela Yee interview, August Alsina revealed their relationship. This sparked a media frenzy.
  4. Has their relationship affected Jada Smith’s marriage with Will Smith?
    The article did highlight the challenges of the Smiths’ relationship, but it also highlighted their commitment to each other and their eventual reconciliation.
  5. What was the term used by Jada to describe her relationship with Alsina.
    In Red Table Talk Jada pinkett Smith described her relationship with August Alsina on the show as “entanglement.”