All You Need To Know about Crazy Golf

Four colorful golf putters with golf balls on synthetic grass

Crazy Golf is one of the games which is rapidly increasing in popularity around the world. This game is one of the types of mini golf and just like normal golf it is played by hitting a ball towards holes located on hills, mounds and slopes. This makes it incredibly difficult for anyone to hit inside or very close to the holes. Also, you can prefer Golf Putter which is best equipment that makes your golf game better.  Hole sets are available in multiples of 9, but short in length compared to regular golf. On average, the distance between the tee and the cup is 10 meters maximum. This game is played by at least four people and the winner is the one with the lowest number of points.

What type of surface is used?

With minigolf, an artificial surface made up of concrete, synthetic turf or carpet can be used and there is a geometric arrangement that most often requires the placement of unconventional lines including artificial obstacles, edge planes, ramps, tubes, and tunnels. Additionally, moving obstacles such as concrete walls, winds, fiberglass, and more are used to prevent players from reaching their targets. This game can be real golf but in a smaller version.

Who can play this game?

Crazy Golf is an amazing option for the whole family, business, singles, and other groups of people who want to have fun together. Who cares who plays this amazing game? It is important to know how to play it, and also to develop a good strategy which will help you to overcome the obstacles which make the holes very difficult.

Types of courses

All Crazy Golf competitions approved by the World Federation of Minigolf Sports take place on a standardized course. The design is checked to ensure that the requirements of competitive play are verified. There are four types of course approved by the federation and among them are the Beon, the Eternite, the Felt, and the Open Standard Minigolf.

Tournaments and competitions

Almost all the countries of Europe have a national federation responsible for promoting this competitive sport. There is a biannual European competition that attracts participants from more than 20 European countries. However, outside of Europe this game is not very popular and the number of participants is very low compared to Europe.

At the world championships, only players from greater Europe managed to keep the top 50 places. Those in upcoming territories such as Japan, the United States and the United Kingdom did not reach the top spots. However, given the seriousness with which the game is taken in these territories, a lot of progress will be made.

Prize money during competitions

The cash prize that is paid to those who win Crazy Golf competitions and other mini golf tournaments is small compared to the main golf course. The United States spends an average of $ 5,000 for again, while the amount that the vast majority of European countries pay is relatively less. As the game becomes more and more popular in Europe, the United States and other parts of the world, the prize money is most likely to increase.