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Read the The Among Us Stars Pack article to find out the price chart and the stars you could earn. The partnership between the giants provides a feast for players.

Are you a fan of the Among Us game and the star pack sales? Are you aware that Fortnite has teamed up in partnership with Among Us to entertain its players? If you’re interested in knowing all the details regarding purchasing the packs check out the article below.

Among Us has earned top spot and is played with passion by players. The popularity of the game is been a case that politicians from the United States mention in their blogs. The players are extremely excited about the purchase.

We will discuss the collaboration, the process to purchase the Among Us Stars Pack, and when it will be available on Fortnite.

Description of Among Us Game

Among Us can purchase the game on Epic Game. Epic Game Store. The game hit the market using an impressive fake name to attract players. Recently, there was reports that there is an agreement between Fortnite with Among Us. Also, the newly released Back bling as well as the emote the details of the feature available here.

  • Bling for the Crewmate Back The players are given the choice of ten colors for no cost.
  • Distraction Emote: Participants are entertained with a to a selection from Henry Stickman’s

Now , you can get your dream “Among Us Star Packat a reasonable cost. First, you must have your own Among Us game from the Epic Game Store. If you do not purchase an emote or star pack, you’ll not be able to get back bling or emoticons.

The players must purchase cosmetics through Epic’s Epic gaming store. This isn’t accessible to play no cost Fortnite games. The sale is only available to the players for a year time. The players do not have to rush to grab this opportunity. Up to June 9,2023, 11 a.m ET the Fortnite store could earn cash the following year. We’ve provided the cost list for purchasing the Fortnite pack.

Among Us Stars Pack

The Epic game’s developers have announced the official partner for both games. Fortnite players can now be amused by Among Us posters while playing. To buy posters through Among Us, you must be certain about the details of your Fortnite account in order to link to it.

The price chart for Among Us in the Fortnite store is explained and laid out below. Customers must buy dollar currency, however, the store will provide you with $1.

  • The players can purchase a pack with 20 stars at $1.99.
  • You can buy a set with 30 stars at $2.99.
  • The players can purchase a set with 50 stars at $4.99.

Fans who want to purchase the Among Us Stars Pack for more stars will have to pay more.

  • The players can purchase a set comprising 110 stars, for $9.99.
  • Players can purchase a pack with 300 stars at $24.99.

If players do not want to in buying Among Us, they can purchase the bare minimum pack, which costs one dollar and get free cosmetics to their teammates on Fortnite. Fortnite game.

The video promo has provided certain details to players. For instance, will help them understand that the Crewmate back bling comes in colors like red, pink blue, black green, purple, and blue.

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In our article In the article titled Among Us Stars Pack,we have revealed the specifics of the pack’s value and how you can earn stars in Fortnite. Fortnite store. The new partnership puts on a brand new spectacle for players. Click here for more details.

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