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A young boy was tragically thrown off his free-fall Orlando drop tower located at ICON park. It was determined that the boy is a 14-year young boy. Tyre Sampson. People all over the world are asking questions about the tragic death of the boy. Tyre traveled into Orlando following a trip to St. Louis after a football game.

The entire video of the accident has been captured. Scroll to see the Boy Falls From Ride In Orlando Full Video.

What caused the incident to take place?

Tyre Sampson passed away after falling off a huge ride. According to his father, Yarnell Sampson Tyre was scared when the speed of his ride started to climb. He was at the park with two best friends. When the ride was over and he felt uncomfortable, he walked out of the park. Tyre was thrown off the ride and slid off to death.

He urged his friends to tell their parents that he was proud of the way he loved them. There have been several investigations into the murder of a small child. A number of agencies including the Florida Department of Consumer Services and the Department of Agriculture are looking into the case. A video showing the toddler falling off the ride was also viral. You can view Kid Falls Off Ride Orlando Full Video in this article.

Who is responsible for this park?

The safety standards of the park is dependent on ASTM international standards. ASTM is an organization which publishes and creates standards for diverse industries. These include amusement parks.

FDACS Reports

The boy was killed in an incident that claimed his life. Free Fall is a popular ride at ICON park in Orlando. According to the reports of FDACS at the time the ride ended the harness was an up and locked position. The magnets were engrossed and able to slow down their speed then the child stepped out from the seat.

Boy Falls From Ride In Orlando Full Video

Tyre Sampson is a 14-year-old boy who was obsessed with playing football. He was fervent about his dream to be a player in the NFL and make his father proud of his son. Some reports suggested that the kid was killed because of his weight. Tyre was 6 feet 5 inches tall, and weighed 340lbs.

The free-fall experience begins at the top and drops the passengers from 400 feet at 75 mph. After the accident the ambulance arrived within 10 minutes. According to the video, Boy is Killed by Ride in Orlando full video the father of the boy has learned about the death of his son by watching the video. The boy was blessed with an enviable future. He is always looking to be proud of his parents. his achievements.


Tyre did not anticipate to lose his life in this way. He had big dreams and goals in his life. The family has been devastated by the sudden death of their son. You can watch the complete video of the boy’s falling off the ride. Follow this link to find out more details about the incident.

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