Buying motorcycle gear? – Buy these gloves


How to pick the right motorcycle gloves?

If you ask someone: “What clothing do I need for riding a motorcycle?” they will probably tell you a good helmet and a protective jacket, but did you know that motorcycling gloves are just as important for protection than a helmet and jacket? Gloves can keep your hands warm in the cold wind, increase your grip, and protect your hands if you fall. Would you like to know which kinds of gloves there are and where you should buy them? Then keep reading this article. 

Seasonal motorcycling gloves

As you might expect, there are different gloves for different seasons and different activities. Seasonal gloves are called short cuff gloves and are easy to put on and remove. Sports gloves are often adapted to the sport they are used for. Whichever kind of motorcycle gloves you want, purchase them on for the best quality and service. 

Winter gloves

If you live in an area where it can get quite cold in the winter, you might be glad to know that there are winter gloves that keep your hands nice and warm. These gloves protect you from freezing your fingers off and from the sharp and cold wind you encounter while riding. Winter gloves are usually made up of several layers of fabric, including a thermal layer. They are windproof and waterproof to keep your hands warm at all times. Winter gloves should not fit tightly around your hands, but should leave a little room between your hand and the glove instead. The layer of air between the two words as extra insulation. 

If your bike does not have heated grips, there are heated gloves available for purchase. These electric gloves are connected to a battery and keep your hands warm in freezing cold weather conditions. 

Summer gloves

Opposite to winter gloves are summer gloves. These kinds of gloves focus on ventilation and grip. If your hands start to get sweaty, even if it’s in a glove, you might lose grip and this can cause dangerous situations. Summer gloves have good ventilation and let air flow through them while you ride. Most summer gloves are thinner than winter gloves, but have leather protection on the knuckles to protect your hands from burning on the asphalt if you fall. 

It is also possible to purchase waterproof summer gloves, as most of them are not because of the light materials they are made of. Another kind of summer gloves are thin, leather gloves that are elastic and hug the shape of your hand, guaranteeing good protection. Wearing gloves without fingertips (also called mitts) is not advisable, as they do not protect your fingers well. 


Source: photo from by Oleksandr Phyrohov 7-9-2014

Sports gloves

If you’re into motocross, you might want to buy special dirt gloves. For dirt biking, grip and ventilation is important. Dirt gloves can offer this because they are made with thinner, more flexible materials, which makes ventilation possible. However, it is important to know that dirt gloves offer little protection, but since dirt bike tracks are often well maintained, this should not be a big problem. It is important to know that wearing dirt bike gloves outside the tracks (on asphalt for example) should be avoided since their protection is low. 

Motorcycle racers need a special kind of racing gloves, that are usually custom made with strong leather to offer the best protection. It depends on the kind of race and the maximum speed of the racer, how the glove is made and what materials are used. A professional motorcycle gear shop can help to make the perfect racing gloves for you.