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Paracas, Peru: The Best Things To See And Do in Monterrey, Mexico

Monterrey is a vibrant city in the north of Mexico. It is known for its outstanding and original cuisine and the proximity to the US border. Monterrey is the capital of the state Nuevo Leon and with 1,1 million inhabitants, it is one of the biggest cities in Mexico. Monterrey has a lot to offer, including the nearby caves filled with impressive stalagmites and enormous canyons reaching as far as the eye can see. Keep reading to find out what more Monterrey has to offer to its visitors. 

Picking a hotel

Monterrey has quite a big city and therefore it is important to pick a hotel in the right location. Hotels in Monterrey Mexico are available at all kinds of pricing: from budget to luxurious splurge. If you’re visiting Monterrey with family, you might want to go for a comfortable and convenient hotel, so that traveling times are minimized. Are you backpacking? Monterrey offers lots of hostels inside and outside of the city center where it is great to enjoy a few cold Corona beers and meet interesting people. 

Outdoor activities

Although the city center has much to offer, Monterrey is well known for its outdoor activities. Hikers can visit the numerous parks while mountaineers can climb or rappel in the beautiful canyons. The Monterrey nature is also very suitable for zip lining or simply enjoying and being one with nature.

El Parque Nacional de Chipinque

This national park of Chipinque is one of the best things to visit while you’re in Monterrey. If you’re a bird lover, you’ll be glad to know that this park is home to numerous kinds of exotic birds. The park offers beautiful hiking trails of which some lead up to the hill, providing a 360 degrees view over the city. The hills of this park are also very popular for watching the sunrise if you arrive early in the morning. It is also possible to do part of the trail by car or even by bike if you’re feeling adventurous. 

Grutas de Garcia

These impressive caves were formed thousands of years ago and attract many visitors daily. The caves are situated only 30 kilometers outside of the city and easy to reach by car or taxi. You can visit these caves with a guide, or stroll around by yourself. Inside, you will find countless stalagmites. It is advisable to wear good shoes because you will have to climb some stairs inside of the caves. Be aware that the trail is 1,5  kilometers long and inclines, so only people in good health should visit these caves. These caves are a great way to stay cool on a hot and sunny day.

Paseo de Santa Lucia

This square is the third biggest in the world and is well decorated with all sorts of native Mexican plants and ornaments. This beautifully maintained park offers boat rides through channels and is very suitable for families and couples. The ride  is twenty minutes long and the price is about 5 dollars for a round trip. Certainly on a hot day it is a good time to visit this park, as the boat ride will allow you to relax and enjoy a cool breeze as you float on the water and enjoy your surroundings. Some say, this lake is even more impressive than the Hoover Dam, but that’s for you to find out.