Capitalonesettlement May 2022 Scam Discover The Facts Here!


Learn all about Capitalonesettlement scam. Also, discover the positive and negative factors that determine the authenticity of the website.

Did you know that Capital One suffered a data breach on 23 random days in the United States between 2016 and 2018. According to July 2019, the information regarding the data breach was revised, indicating that 98 to 106 millions customers were affected. Paige Thompson, the hacker also accessed 120K SSNs, and 80K bank account number.

Settlement reached for $190 million. Soon, a website came up with the URL Let’s take a look at the website and learn more about Capitalonesettlement Fraud.

Class Settlement Case History: is potentially a scam as Capital One did not endorse this website anywhere as well as Capital One and Amazon Cloud denied liability regarding the data breach but, as goodwill, agreed to settle the case for $190 million to be paid to 98 million customers. Capital One was ordered by the court to pay $25.00 for lost work hours or out-of-pocket expenses. Unreimbursed expenses incurred as a result of identity theft, credit freeze costs, identity theft monitoring ssservices cost, etc. should be included in the settlement.

Victims can claim the settlement amount on the settlement website. This news was a huge win for the scammers who launched the Capitalonesettlement Scam website in January 2022.

NOTE: Capital One has not yet announced or endorsed a genuine settlement website. According to court orders, claims must be filed within the time limit of 90 days after receiving a settlement notice. Capital One has not yet made dispatch public in a settlement notification. started sending emails to victims from about claiming the settlement. Reddit users received very few emails during the first week in May. was launched as a public awareness website with all information related to Capital One’s $190 million settlement.

Website Features – Capitalonesettlement Scam : had a terrible 1% trust score and a terrible 7.4% business ranking. It had a 3,978,000.920 Alexa rank. is not the official website for filing settlements. Internet services are used to censor the identities and contact information of their owners. The country of origin for is also censored. has a short life expectancy and expires within the next eight months and eight days. The positive highlights of have been low suspicion, malware, spam, phishing, and threat scores. Additionally, uses a valid and secured HTTPS protocol, considered for evaluating Capitalonesettlement Scam. Its IP is valid SSL certified.

The court ordered that victims who didn’t file a claim for identity restoration or fraud resolution services will be provided by Pango for the next three-years. These customers can sign up at Pango anytime between three and five years.

Conclusion: is potentially a scam as Capital One did not endorse or announced this website anywhere; due to terrible Trust Index, Alexa, and Business ranking. To file a claim, we recommend waiting for Capital One to inform you.

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