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This news article is based entirely on Jerry Harris and the related documentary, which is well-known in the United Kingdom as well as the United States. This blog will focus on the case where the government authorities arrested Jerry Harris for committing a crime. If you are interested in the entire case and its current status, we recommend that our readers read What did Jerry Harris do.

More about the case:

September 2020 was 9 months after Cheer made Navarro a well-known cheerleader. A sibling of 14-year old teenagers had filed a lawsuit against Harris after he was accused of physical assault. He was later arrested by the FBI on suspicion of publishing material allegedly aimed at physical assault. He was beloved by viewers and is well-known for his “mat talk” at practice. His detention shocked his trainers and fellow viewers of the popular documentary series.

Jerry Harris: What Did He Do?

After an investigation, Harris was charged with additional offences, including inducement, obtaining intimate images, and travelling while trying to have a physical relationship with a child.

On December 17, 2020, he entered into a not plea deal for each of the seven charges. On Feb 10, 2022, Harris changed his sentence and admitted to one count of obtaining indecent imagery and one of assulting a juvenile. Harris could spend as much as three years in prison for one of the allegations, according to the judge.

What Did Jerry Harris donow At 22 years old, Jerry Harris has been held at Chicago Correctional Centre since Sept 2020, when he was imprisoned. According to the court, Harris was denied bail in October 2020 because he posed a danger to the public.

Who’s Jerry?

Jerry, a former cheerleader in the United States, became famous after he appeared on the Cheer documentary. The FBI charged him with creating indecent imagery and other child-related crimes including “abuse and receiving indecent photographs, travelling with the attempt to engage in inappropriate touching, and other claims.”

Harris entered a guilty plea to 2 of 7 charges against his during February 10, 2022. Harris was found guilty of the charges and sentenced to 12 year imprisonment on July 6, 2022. He will also receive 8 years of judicial probation.


We have verified the details after thorough research. Jerry Harrishas allegedly been involved in child abuse. He was subsequently charged and sentenced to 12 years in prison. To learn all details, read the entire article.

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