David Riley Staten Island Check Out What Happened To Him !


In this blog we’ve discussed comedy legend Lisa Marie Riley and whether her husband, David Riley Staten Island is dead.

Are you a fan of Lisa Marie Riley? You’d probably know about her husband’s battle against cancer. He passed away recently, sadly. Find out more about his death here.

Lisa Marie Riley has gained fame for her humorous posts in social networks. In many interviews, she has said that her humor helped her deal with her daily life. Recently the man she was married to, David Riley, passed to death in Staten Island, United States. Therefore, in this article we will look at David Riley Staten Island.

Who is Lisa Marie Riley?

Lisa Marie Riley is a former stenographer at courts in the US. David Riley is the husband of Lisa Marie. Riley Lisa Marie is always trendy, but she has been recently a bit off-trend because of an obituary posted in the InsideGeko website regarding the passing of David Riley.

Lisa Marie has gained thousands of followers on social media due to her funny videos. She began posting in social networking sites as a pastime to escape the negative effects caused by her husband’s chemotherapy. However, it soon turned into a source of relief for her anxiety and stress.

Within a short time, Lisa began to gain a significant number of followers. She is now comedian and performs skits of comedy and working with brands.

Why is One Funny Lisa Marie Husband Cancer Trending?

Lisa Marie was brought up in Brooklyn and is now based on Staten Island with her husband and kids.

Many people are speculated about Lisa’s husband David because his death story is trending. In the obituary it’s stated that the person that died is originally from Staten Island. This has made people more confident that Lisa’s husband who is as well as of Staten Island.

It was also stated in the obituary of the deceased that the Staten Island community is shocked and saddened by the death of David. Therefore, there’s plenty of speculation regarding the cause of his death.

Is David Riley Staten Island Dead?

The obituary that was recently published doesn’t provide any confirmation of the death of Lisa Marie Riley’s husband. In addition, there’s no information about the cause of the death, or whether the cause was cancer. Therefore, we can’t confirm that the obituary is Lisa Marie’s husband.

After further investigation from different information sources, we revealed the fact that David Riley, the husband of Lisa Marie Riley, died recently. So, the obituary that appears on insideGeko’s InsideGeko site is for David Riley, the husband Lisa Marie.

In the second confirmation of David’s passing, we prompted Lisa Marie’s social media accounts to provide an account of his death. David Staten Island. Staten Island.

David Riley’s passing has been confirmed by several social media accounts belonging to Lisa Marie. The Lisa Marie official Instagram account her PR team made public via an Insta the story it was David Riley is dead.

In the Insta post, it’s stated that everyone is deeply affected by the loss of David and his family mourns in silence. In addition, it was noted that Lisa expressed gratitude to everyone for their gratitude and love.


The tragic loss of David Riley is a forever loss for Marie. Visit Lisa Marie Riley’s Instagram accountfor more information.

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