Fedex Reschedule April 2022 Scam Discover The Truth Here!


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One of the most popular methods employed by the scammer is sending an email or SMS with the message that your package is scheduled to be delivered after the first delivery attempt been unsuccessful. Did you know there are five methods scammers can try to deceive you as part of their FedEx Scams trend since mid of 2021 in the United States?

Did you know there’s an easy way to identify and fight FedEx Scams? We’ll discuss FedEx Reschedule Scam.

Five kinds of FedEx Scams:

  1. ATM Card Delivery Scam
  2. Bank Drafts or Check Scams
  3. Contact Scams Required
  4. Delivery Incomplete Delivery Scam
  5. FedEx Status Scam
  • Delivery Failure as well as FedEx Status Scam have VIRUS attachments to files. The message invites you to look at the invoice and then import the attachment.
  • The ATM and Bank Draft and Check Contact Required Scams tell you that your ATM card or check for an enormous amount of money was not delivered. In order to get it delivered, you’ll need be able to make a payment of $85.00(or greater) and then update your contact information, name, along with your address, either on a site or by phone or email.

Official FedEx Reschedule Delivery website:

FedEx has its official website for this purpose. This means that FedEx is not authorized or ENDORSE any third-party website to collect information in order to redeliver packages. Therefore,

  • The email is not related the FedEx customer service and the links on the website are unsecure.
  • The number is typically used by fraudulent companies who request verification of the credit card information used in recent online purchases.

The five types of messages includes:

  • Random phases
  • Grammatical mistakes,
  • Incorrect spellings,
  • Incorrect FedEx URLs for their website,
  • Money request,
  • For personal and payment details,
  • It creates a sense of URGENCY and informs you that you’ve got an ATM or a large check not delivered.

Door Tag used to determine FedEx Reschedule Scam :

When FedEx can’t bring your parcel to you, they will leave an DOOR TAG. The door tag has details about FedEx’s failure and the details of your shipment, FedEx contact information and the most important part the door tag number.

If you have received a text message regarding the unsuccessful attempt, you can examine whether FedEx has the door tag. If you cannot detect a door tag, the message could be fraudulent.

The tag on the door informs you that FedEx will try to make another effort to get your parcel on the next day from 8 AM to 8 PM, in order to stop the FedEx Reschedule Scam. If you’re unavailable on the next day:

  • Door Tag provides you with an alternative to route your package to nearby Walgreens and Dollar stores.
  • You can also allow FedEx to drop off your package at your doorstep without requiring your signature.


Be alert to your PATTERN that these 5 kinds of FedEx frauds. Don’t ever respond to messages or click on any link or attachment. Do not contact the telephone number or email address mentioned in the messages. You can verify the status of delivery status by visiting your Official FedEx Website as well as Door Tags.

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