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Do you know that American Idol is considered the most popular singing reality show in the world? American Idol is a popular show on television that is a hit in the United States. Athletes who want to singing compete against one another to impress judges and be the winner of the final.

The finale in the season’s 20th kicked off the debate after Noah Thompson won the show. Check out this article about the number of votes that Hunter Girl Win?.

How did it become in fashion?

On the 22nd of May 2022 ABC presented the final episode of 20th season American idol and over 6 million viewers tuned in to watch the show. Noah Thompson, a 20-year-old, won the season. Noah Thompson won the season by securing more votes than runner-up contender Hunter Girl.

The country artist Noah Thomson is from Kentucky and worked as an construction worker prior to the show. Although 22-year old Hunter Girl is also a country singer, she captivated the judges during the whole season. But the results went to Noah Thompson, while Hunter Girl placed 2nd place and Leah Marlene at 3rd. There isn’t any public information on the results of the voting for the hunter girl.

How Close Were the Votes on American Idol ?

The moment prior to the announcement split the crowd into two camps Many believed the Hunter Girl would be the winner. Since she performed pretty well throughout the entire season, and Luke Bryan also pointed out earlier in the season that this season could bring a female country singer as the winner.

But, viewers were shocked when anchor of the TV show Ryan Seacrest revealed the name of Noah Thompson, the winner of the envelope of silver. Ryan declared that Noah was the winner having received 16 million votes for his cause. But, How Many Votes Did Hunter Girl Get? Is unclear.

Public Reaction

Noah Thompson secured a higher percent of votes than Hunter girl and took home the show.

But, many fans weren’t happy with the results and suggested that the program could have been “rigged.”

One wrote “No hate to Noah, but he doesn’t have the star quality Hunter Girl has.”

Another suspect “Once gain American idol Tv show proved that their voting system is completely rigged and unfair.”

Although many have criticized of the show, the truth lies in the fact that there is no difference if a contestant is the winner or losers as they’re all competent enough and deserve the all respect. While, looking at the closeness of the voters for American Idol and his name being declared The winner Noah was emotional when he appeared on stage.

Final Verdict

To summarize, American Idol is one of the most watched reality television shows on television in the US. This is why the 20th season premiered in the US on ABC on Sunday. Afterwards, the finale of the show turned into the talk of the town for its viewers.

Noah Thompson won the 20th season of the show, while Hunter Girl was the runner-up.

Following watching the program, Noah declared, “My heart is beating out of my chest; that’s crazy.” Learn more about the show here. Here

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