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This article discussed the full-featured sales management tool that uses getaccept Electronic Signature for tamper-proof papers.

Are you interested in having your documents electronically signed? Do you want to use digital signature technology? If so, read the following post.

The market for digital signatures is expected to grow by 34% in 2018. Get Accept is one of the key players in this market. Get Accept is available in the United States, United Kingdom, and St. Helena. This is Getaccept Electronic Signing Technology.

What is Electronic Signature?

Electronic signatures are a fast and legal way of approving electronic documents. Because it is secure, verifiable, and can be used in lieu of manual signatures in almost all procedures, an electronic signature may be substituted for a manual one. Other terms for electronic signatures include digital signatures.

An e-signature serves to identify the signature and facilitate smooth transactions. You can create electronic signatures with multiple levels of security. Each level has its own set criteria and generation methods that verify the signature’s authenticity.

What is Getaccept Digital Signature Technology (Getaccept Digital Signature Technology)?

GetAccept Inc. is a software development company. Customers can use the company’s online platform to advertise, monitor, and eSign commercial offers. They also have digital signatures, video introductions and document analysis.

GetAccept, a full-featured sales management software that allows B2B salespeople to close sales over the telephone, is called GetAccept. GetAccept uses digital signatures for tamper-proof papers, conforms to ESIGN and eIDAS and UETA.

GetAccept is trusted by over 50 countries and used daily. The company is a major player in the digital signature industry.

How does Getaccept Electronic Signage Work?

It’s not necessary to reprint the document and sign it again. Users can scan it, sign it and then send it back after they have signed it digitally. Users can add an electronic signature to any document by using GetAccept on a tablet, laptop or smartphone.

How to Electronically Sign a Document

  • Users can take photos of a physical document and save them as JPEG/PNG files or scan it.
  • It will also work if one has a PDF file.
  • Next, create a GetAccept Account.
  • Enter the names and email addresses of the people who will sign the document using Getaccept Electronic Signature system. Also, the order in which they should receive it.
  • Drag & Drop fields, text entries and dropdowns can be added to the document to allow receivers time for completion and submission of crucial data.
  • Send an email to all recipients that they receive via email. Include a short video message explaining the topic.
  • Finally, relax and let the process unfold.


Digital Signature Technologies such as GetAccept are revolutionizing the e-signature industry with their most up-to-date and advanced features. This guide will explain how GetAccept ESign works.

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