How to Deal with Periods of Celibacy


Some people choose to be celibate, either permanently or for a short period. Others, however, have no choice. Perhaps they’re not in a relationship, or their partner lives a long way away, and they don’t see one another very often in a physical sense. No matter what the reason or how long it lasts, some people are just not comfortable with being celibate. If that is the case for you, what can you do about it? Read on to find out. 


If you feel in the mood for sex, but there’s no one around to do it with you, the best thing to do is to masturbate. This is an easy way to satisfy your sexual urges, and although it might not be quite the same as being with a partner, it’s certainly not an unpleasant way to spend a little time. 

Society has made masturbation into something dirty, but the truth is that it’s actually good for you as it boosts your mood, makes it easier to sleep, and, when done, allows us to focus on something other than how much we want to have sex. There are various methods to use depending on your personal preferences, but whether you do it all yourself or you look for a local sex toy store for some props, it will certainly help when you’re in an otherwise celibate part of your life. 

Get Busy

The sexual urge is, more often than not, a fleeting one, and it’s entirely possible to forget about it – at least temporarily – by doing something else. This can be anything, such as getting on with your work, doing the housework, or getting some exercise in. In fact, this last idea is a great one as it uses up energy and can mean that the sexual urge is reduced even further and stays away for longer. 

So, if you don’t want to spend any time self-gratifying, it’s important to have a list of things to do so that when the feeling comes upon you, you can quickly start doing anything else. Sexual urges can be hard to ignore if you have nothing else to do, but when you can keep busy, they’ll soon be forgotten. 

Go on a Date

Although humans have changed the game thanks to our complex brains and the complex lives we have created for ourselves, in the end, we’re animals, and we have natural instincts and urges. It can be fine to give in to those urges, as long as we’re sensible and safe about it. 

So, if you want to have sex, why not go on a date and have sex? Again, society has made this sort of thing into something ‘bad’, but if you are both happy to go ahead and you practice safe sex, what is the harm? You’ll be having fun, satisfying a natural urge, and you might even meet a long-term partner at the same time. If not, go on a date with someone else.