Breastfeeding Mom Saves Pet Goose Read Exactly What Happened!


This is Mom Saves Pet Goose. You can read all details about the event here.

Did you watch the bravery video of the mother-to-be? Did you see the video of her bravery? Do you know what happened to her pet? We will tell you all about the event that took place on Vancouver Island, Canada. Cait Oakley, a mother, saved her pet from being snatched by an eagle. Cait Oakley was quick to get in front of the eagle. The viral video was shared on social media.

Let’s find out the whole story of Mother Saves Pet Goose.

Mom saved the life of her pet

Around 6:30 PM, a Canada woman was nursing her little girl. Frankie, her pet goose, screamed at her. Frankie was grabbed by an eagle and dragged along. The mom ran to the eagle holding her baby in her arms after observing her pet in danger. Frankie was left behind by the eagle.

The video was taken by her security camera. The video was posted by her husband on tiktok and went viral. The video received over 1 million views. Cait thanked everyone who sent Frankie their wishes. On her Instagram account, she is sharing videos of Frankie.

Mom Saves Pet Goose

Oakley said Frankie is a special member of her family. She is her fourth child. She also said that one of their chickens had been taken by an eagle. They now have protective items such as a net for their pets to keep them safe from other animals. Social media went wild after the video of a mother breastfeeding her pet saved it became viral.

The video became the centre of attention after it was posted to tik Tok. She is loved by many people around the globe. She was a true mother. According to reports, the family lost three chickens last Wednesday. Everyone who saw the video and heard about the incident is applauding the breastfeeding mom.

Why Cait Oakley is trending?

Cait Oakley saved her pet’s life without taking care of herself. Cait was at the door feeding her infant when she heard a loud scream outside. Frankie, her pet dog, was in danger. Cait looked around. Frankie was grabbed by an eagle and led towards the lane. Cait, holding her baby in her arms, ran towards the eagle and flew off.

The lady saved her pet. People are constantly watching the video. People love Breastfeeding Mom Saves Pet Goose. Frankie is a female goose. Cait is the mother of three children. Frankie is her fourth child. She saved her life by treating her like that.


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