How To Make Sure Your Family Is Happy In A Personal Care Center 


As our loved ones age we may find a need to take them to a personal care center in order to have their daily needs met.

This can be hard for caregivers to do. Will they be taken care of as well as I do it? How will I know their needs will be met? Will they be happy?

It’s important to see your loved one happy despite the change in their living situation. Not only does it make you feel good, it helps with their health.

A happy senior can reduce their dementia risk by 50 percent, and those with a positive outlook on aging are 44 percent more likely to recover from serious disabilities.

Here are some things to look out for that will keep your mind at ease, knowing the senior in your life is being looked after properly.

Surround them with things that remind them of home.

The biggest part of transitioning to a facility is leaving the comforts of home. You can make this easier by bringing along picture, furniture, and other objects that remind them of home so they have something to gaze upon when their spirits need a lift.

If you are moving someone who is part of a couple, see if it’s possible their spouse can join them.

Relationships with others in the facility are being fostered.

You should encourage your loved one to interact with other residents. The facility will purposely hold events that bring the community together so folks have a chance to mingle and get to know one another.

Strong relationships prevent mental and physical decline.

Outside relationships should continue.

Say your loved one has a favorite neighbor or friend who often comes to see them. Those visits should not stop just because he or she has now moved into a personal care center.

Find out the visitor policy and talk with your loved one’s friend to find out how you might be ablet to facilitate their coming to visit.

Encourage them to take advantage of events.

Again, personal care centers should be sure to provide and area of events and activities for your loved one to enjoy.

This can be as simple as an area to sit and play cards or read books in daily where they can meet like-minded people.

Their health has not taken a sharp decline.

If someone is unable, the best way to tell is simply look at them.

Has your loved one’s health declined sharply since arriving at the personal care center? Have new, unexplained issues arisen?

This could be connected to their mental and emotional state.

If he or she is feeling stressed out in their new home, that could lend itself to a myriad of other health problems.

Be sure to ask them about how they’re feeling, but also don’t ignore talking to those who work at the personal care center to find out.

Sometimes loved ones are too prideful to admit when something is going on. A personal care professional has a trained eye to look out for certain things, so they may be able to offer some insight.