The Dos and Don’ts of Jewelry Showering

  • Can diamond stud earrings or a diamond ring be worn in the shower?

Before taking a shower, you should remove your diamond studs and any other diamond jewellery. When diamonds are exposed to natural oils, certain soaps, and lotions, a film may form, reducing the diamond’s brilliance and lustre. To keep your diamonds as dazzling as the day you bought them, it is best practise to remove and store them before taking a shower.

  • Can sterling silver jewellery be worn in the shower?

Though taking a shower while wearing sterling silver jewellery should not damage the metal, there is a high probability that it may cause tarnishing. Chlorine, salts, and other harsh substances can alter the appearance of sterling silver. We advise our consumers to remove their sterling silver before taking a shower.

  • Can you shower while wearing gold?

Wearing white gold or yellow gold solid gold jewellery in the shower will not destroy the metal, but it might dull the brilliance, therefore it is not suggested. Showering while wearing gold-plated jewellery may ultimately cause the gold coating to peel off entirely, therefore you should avoid doing so.

  • Can platinum be worn in the shower?

Similar to the case with gold, you should not wear your platinum jewellery in the shower since it will lose its brilliance. The platinum itself is not harmed by water, but its appearance may be altered in the future.

  • Can I shower with my watch on?

Though many watches and Swiss timepieces are considered to be water resistant, it is not suggested to wear your watch in the shower if the crown is not screwed down or if the watch has not been pressure checked after a recent servicing. For watches with a screw-down crown, ensure that it is finger-tight against the case before getting it wet, and avoid pressing any of the chronograph’s buttons while in the shower or bath. The exterior casing of the watch is often impervious to water (unless it is plated or composed of less-than-surgical-grade stainless steel), but with time, soaps, shampoos, oils, and dirt residue may influence the intricate details of the watch band, hence accelerating its deterioration.

We do not recommend wearing timepieces in the shower.

  • Can I shower with my pearls on?

Pearls are very fragile natural items. Due to this, the glossy surface of a pearl is readily impacted by chemicals, oils, soaps, shampoos, cosmetics, and alkaline conditions. As a general rule, you should never take a shower while wearing pearls and should always clean them with a soft cloth after wearing them, such like Pearl Drop Earrings.

Overall, you should remove your jewellery and watches before taking a shower to preserve their durability and brilliance. In the event that you accidently expose your jewellery to soaps and oils in the shower, rinse it off with plain water and pat it dry with a soft, clean towel. We suggest selecting a location near or in your bathroom that is away from any drains for safe storage of items while showering. To avoid the possibility of damage, remove your jewellery on a soft surface. Pay additional attention to this procedure when travelling, since it is easy to forget critical items while you are busy and out of your routine.

Follow these simple rules to guarantee that your jewellery and watches retain their original lustre.